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Law of Detachment

Today I want to share a piece of a Deepak’s Chopra book titled ” The seven spiritual laws of success”

The Law of Detachment says that in order to acquire anything in the physical universe, you have to relinquish your attachment to it. This doesn’t mean you give up the intention, and you don’t give up the desire. You give up your attachment of the result.311D5B6400000578-3443491-image-a-83_1455248560175

The moment you relinquish your attachment to the result, combining one-pointed intention with detachment at the same time, you will have that which you desire.

This is a very hard thing to do because we think we’ll be here forever. While detaching we recover our freedom.


Congregate of Herkimer Diamonds with Anthraxolite

img-thingYou all might be thinking why we have collaborated extra-ordinary, valuable Herkimer Diamonds with Anthraxolite? The simple answer to this is to add much value to you Herkimer diamonds. This group came in lamelight when somebody noticed it for the first time at Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine in June 2015. There they found that this Anthraxolite when kept together with Herkimer added richness to the group, which was not seen elsewhere.

Now, the question of the hour is how this wonderful and alluring Herkimer Diamonds get formed.

At the beginning, twins are parted into the category of growth twins, formation twins and gliding twins. At first, growth twining takes place when some accidental departure from equilibrium happens during its growth. Further it is favored in nuclear stage under the condition of saturation.

Secondly, during transformation twinning, this happens as an outcome of high-low inversions. The third twinning that is glide twinning occurs through a specific type of plastic deformation. Parting is the best way to increase the energy in twin boundary.

Let’s aware you about the first place of the foundation of such amazing group about Treasure Mountain Diamond Mine:

As you intelligent people and are well-aware of the excellent properties of Herkimer Diamonds in New York. Here there are three different Herkimer diamond properties in New York. We have the world famous Treasure Mountain diamond mine in little falls.  Here we can easily find amazing and appealing scepters and skeletal. We have acquired 58 acres directly to the north and across the Mohawk River. Both these properties have extremely high quality Herkimer Diamonds. Here the owner of this Treasure Mountain diamond own 160 acres in total, which produce amazing skeleton crystal. Most of the people mine in an ecological sound manner and all over The United States of America mines is conflict free.

Let’s discuss about the Herkimer Diamonds Cluster Myth:

We all are familiar with the Herkimer diamonds known as an “attunement stone” as they are useful in attuning another person, the nearby environment and a lot of things. It has wonderful benefits such as it helps in making loved one more closely and rivals your bestie too. If you find your loved one separating, chop that misunderstanding by bringing home this attuning stone at your home. In case, you find it a daunting task and face menace as it did not work well for you, so in such a case prefer combing it with Anthraxolite.

Isn’t it an amazing solution and add richness to your diamonds.

Formation of Herkimer Diamonds

round-cut-diamond-300x300This diamond deposits requires a lot conditions. Enthusiasts about how these diamonds are formed? So, here comes the answer with that will end your future curiosity of knowing the truth. Many ideas and theories have been tossed to explain the Herkimer diamond history of formation. They are formed in Herkimer country in New York.  They are very shiny crystals that are double terminated. According to the past records that states that place where these crystals are found is New York, middle villas were a numerous of events took place. These events started at up to 50 million years ago near a shoreline. Over millions of sedimentary rocks were formed and had a hole along the certain layer. These holes were a result of the weathering and ancient fossil fuels. Therefore, resulting in increasing the tiny holes that are formed for fluids to follow.

After the host rock was formed 300-400 million years ago deep within the fluid contain oil, gas thus leaving behind the hydrocarbons material, salt and dissolved quartz move into the crack and out along the layers.  In addition to the variations in the effect of vertical movement add the unique features seen at such Herkimer diamonds.

The formation is also possible due to the additional groundwater movement through the hole layer that results in changes to cavities’ containing Herkimer diamonds. Let have detailed analysis of the formation of Herkimer diamond:

  • Snowball Earth: Television that shows prehistoric disasters and chemical changes.
  • Cambia Bloom: Extensive stromatolites changing to framework with increasing holes.
  • Limestone shelf and beach implement
  • Sea level changes and karst features
  • Early dolomite formation took place then further diamond is made.
  • Burial and formation for adjacent organic bearing sediment basin collapsed of earliest karst and the open stramatolites. Hole bearing layers adjacent to sandy layers forms pores and channel ways ready for fluid migration.
  • Faulting migration of silica fluids, also early hydrocarbons.
  • After the early Druze phase followed by the hydrocarbons.
  • Migration of Herkimer diamonds unites hydrocarbons.

This all illustration was the history of how Herkimer diamond is been formed. These above listed are the minerals that are present in the Herkimer diamond formation. There are mineral fluids of pulses including the gas and the oil that assist in making the Herkimer diamonds. The presence of fluids depends upon the district were the diamond is found.





Tips to clean Herkimer Diamonds

670px-safely-clean-diamond-ring-step-2-version-2Herkimer diamond is a hard crystal, so it can be easily washed with water. You can clean the stone by a mild soap or a specialized cleaning solution. If you too have a Herkimer diamond and is very dear to you and don’t want the qualities to lose it, so clean it my dear friend.

Are you unsure about how to clean the diamond? If yes, don’t worry we will help you out in guiding you to clean it. Ensure that you do not use chemical cleanser to clean the crystal, because it results in lose of their shine.


Oxalic Acid
In case, you want to remove the iron stains, use oxalic acid. This cleaning material is easily available at the drug stores. But before the usage you need to dilute the oxalic acid with water. It assists in removing the iron oxides from the crystal. After washing it with the soil you can wash it with water.

Hydrochloric Acid
If there is white crust present on the crystal, opt for the hydrochloric acid that will remove it in a one go. For further application, you need to soak the stone in an acid until and unless the bubbling takes a halt. Make sure that you rinse the crystal with cool water and dry it with a cloth. ‘

Tips to Protect your Crystal

  • Keep them in a soft case to avoid scratching and banging on it.
  • Clean the diamond after wearing it with to remove the dust, makeup, and oil etc.
  • Do not expose the jewelers to any of the chemicals at it will spoil it.
  • Avoids wearing it swimming pools or where there is sunlight and higher temperature areas.
  • Ensure to remove the jewellery during household chores such as the washing dishes, gardening or cooking food or bathing, etc.
  • Clean the crystal with Luke warm water and pat it dry with a clean cloth and store it. Also notice that the jewelry is free from any moisture.
  • Keep the jewellery in a cloth or a re-closing bag wrapped up in anti-tarnish papers.

Herkimer diamonds may not be hard as real diamonds are but they it is an attractive alternate of real diamonds. Therefore are easy to maintain and clean.

The Herkimer diamonds studded in different metals to create beautiful jewellery , which is handmade and to ensure that it last for a long run. You need to take care of it properly to stop it from ruining. If you are in love with your crystal due to its spiritual and healing benefits, so make sure that you take proper care of it.

As it is rightly said, prevention is better than cure.

Diamonds in Matrix

img-thingWhen working with this beautiful diamond, you will expect stimulated clairvoyance and clairaudience. You will better see things and see and hear things that are beyond normal perceptions, as your ability to read between the lines is amplified.

Herkimer assists you to hear the truth whether verbalized or not. They create a clear channel and you will better hear what is truly said when words and actions are muddied. But whatever is garnered will always hold the essence of spirituality filtered through from our higher self, making the knowledge receive the purest it can be and mind focused on the best intent.


Herkimer diamonds help things on the up and up. It happens because the diamond vibration is closer and t the brow and crown chakras the intensive and higher vibrations and spiritually attuned chakras.

It promotes divine grace. This crystal is of clear vision; they are powerful for tapping into hidden knowledge. There is no secret kept for scrutinizing crystals.

They are the messenger as they laser in on the hidden and unearth what you need to know call them one of the great spices of mineral world and your own personal detective. Like the sun, diamonds contains a sparkling brilliance. This brilliance is not only useful for the elevating the spirits. Through this diamonds your stress and depression gets vanished. It can also be used for removing all the toxins away from the body and is also used for correcting and realigning imbalance capacity. They bring a great clarity and helpful in clearing of diseases. As a protector, which quartz is, diamond aid in diluting and dispersing radioactivity from our surroundings and medical procedure. They are also known for helping with the immune system.

Herkimer diamond is a double terminated diamond that has spiritual and healing powers is a multi efficient in providing a good lifestyle. It assists in dealing with all the problems of your life.

Basics about Mining of Herkimer Diamonds


Some of the popular place where you can easily found these spiritual diamonds is Middleville, New York. Collecting these wonderful minerals is illegal therefore it is necessary to get advanced permission from government to mine at such places.

Talking about the mining of the Herkimer diamonds mines, the key to find these is a knowledge that they occur in cavities within the little fall Dolostone. These cavities can be smaller than a pea or a several feet across.


Find and Break Prospecting
The easy way to find pieces of vuggy rock and break them open with a hammer. There are very rare chances of you being lucky in case the rock break and has several Herkimer diamonds within a cavity.

When you are going around for a dolomite rock there are chances that you have to be particular about it your dress and especially carry the safety glasses. While going for a visit wear full sleeves shirt for find and break prospective. This is because as soon as you try to break the rock through a hammer the small pieces will immediately fly away as ashes therefore for you safety that it does not put a cut at your sleeves it’s important.

Scavenger Prospecting
There are a lot of visitors who are successful in searching the rock rubble for exposed crystal or searching the quarry floor for loose crystals.

Cavity prospecting
Interested in finding large quantities of crystals, the most successful mining method is to break into large cavities in quarry walls and floor using sledge hammer and wedges. This time requires patience, time and a bit of knowledge to break durable stone. According to an expert who claimed that success behind mining of such diamonds requires nice array of hammer, wedges, and pry-bars. Always prefer breaking the diamond through a sledge rather than bashing the hammer continuously. This dolomite rock contains hundreds of Herkimer diamonds, which range from a size of a millimeter to twenty centimeters.

Herkimer Diamond Jewellery
Mining Herkimer Diamonds is a great fun, isn’t it! This situation and this statement would only be applicable and agree to you all only if you get up and start mining. When you went for mining after break the rock and after each hammers as you find some pieces of Herkimer diamonds then only you would realize the happiness of having them. Herkimer diamonds are not easily available and apart from it they are very expensive too. So, if you want to be buy these diamonds make sure you learn this techniques of mining and then opt for them as it is good for you as it saves money and a multi

beneficial diamond.

Buy tools and mine these diamonds.

Haniken Diamonds

diamandHaniken Diamonds are invented by George Haniken in Haniken Jewelers. Haniken Jewelers are creators of gorgeous, fine and amazing jewelry. George Haniken established this store in New York in year 1985. Haniken Diamonds are one of the popular brands of diamonds. The store is situated in the lap of the famous diamond district of New York. George has achieved an outstanding success in this area with his hard work and customer friendly services and of course, with the equal support and contribution of his children. His children joined his business with their inherited passion and interest for jewelry.
Haniken Jewelers offers mind-blowing diamond jewelry as they are specialized in diamonds. All diamonds are approved by EGL and GIA that assures the quality of diamonds. Haniken’s diamonds section includes lose diamonds as well as diamond jewelry of all type. Other than this, they offer custom- design, repair and exchange services at budget friendly prices. Here you will get most prestigious designs created by the use of finest diamonds of moon standard color and clarity. Every single stone of jewelry is cut, set and adjusted by expert hands.
Haniken’s are satisfying their customers from last 30 years with their admirable services. The whole team of Haniken’s is experienced and highly innovative. The jewelry is designed and created by expertise staff under the supervision of owners. They are always available to help their customers and to get them the right product. You will get best customer service there. Customers are guided by George and his children who are perfectly equipped about diamonds.

Haniken Diamonds

diamondHaniken Diamonds were introduced by George Haniken in 1985. He established his store named as Haniken Jewelers in New York. His children have also inherited his zeal and devotion for jewelry and became expertise in this area. Haniken Jewelers are popularly known for their fantastic quality diamonds among the people. Till now George and his children are serving top quality diamonds and fine jewelry with a great success


Haniken Jewelers are specialized in Diamonds of notable desire. They deliver alluring jewelry of distinctive quality at affordable price. Here are the special features of Haniken Jewelers which gives you satisfaction and definitely make you their permanent customer:

  • They offer both lose diamonds and diamond jewelry such as earrings, pendants, rings, necklaces and gift ideas etc.
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  • They serve top quality diamonds and have superb collection of beautifully designed diamond jewelry, designer jewelry, and fashion jewelry including modern and classic designs.
  • Haniken diamonds are well certified by GIA (Gemological Institute of America) and EGL (European Gemological Laboratory).
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  • There is a team of creative and experienced staff to attend the customers and help them to get what they want.
  • If you are not aware about the diamonds, Haniken’s expertise and knowledgeable team will give you right knowledge and help you to choose your desired jewelry.

Haniken Jewelers provide amazing services to satisfy their customers. They are highly recommended for all diamond needs because they hand pick each and every stone. And you will get all required information about your diamonds.

Haniken Diamonds

diamondsHaniken Diamonds are created and selling by Haniken Jewelers in New York. Haniken Jewelers was introduced by George Haniken in 1985. That’s why he named his store as Haniken Jewelers. George’s children are also keenly interested in their father’s business and even his son Michael Haniken is a GIA certified diamond gemologist as GIA is a certification of diamonds to ensure the quality and value. And now days George and his children Sonya, Michael and Emely are expertise in diamonds and successfully running their business.


Products and pricing

Here at Haniken Jewelers you can see gorgeous jewelry of all type but the most popular are Haniken Diamonds. When you enter in diamond section you will see awesome eye catching diamond jewelry like:

  • Bracelets
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In addition to the displayed fine jewelry you can also have customized jewelry. If you want any design of your choice or your creation you can place an order for that and you will get exact what you want. Their jewelry is superb and also in budget friendly price. In this time of huge competition you will get impeccable quality at reasonable rates.

Haniken Diamonds are EGL and GIA certified which assures about the value of diamonds. From last 30 years Haniken’s are serving their customers quality diamonds. Even every single customer of Haniken Jewelers calls them fantastic jewelers and recommend to their family and friends just because they are satisfied by their shopping at Haniken Jewelers.

Know the difference between Herkimer diamonds and clear quartz

herkimer_diamondHerkimer quartz are known as Herkimer diamonds not because they have a variety of clear quartz. You all should understand different between a clear crystal and a Herkimer diamond as it help you in achieving the real benefit of a Herkimer diamond.
So, if you are confused, look at the below points that aid you in finding a real Herkimer quartz.
Actually a real diamond and Herkimer quartz have a crystalline appearance and are collectively used in crystal making.
Though they are clear, quartz and Herkimer almost look the same.
Herkimer diamonds and quartz differ a lot in many ways some of them are as follows:


1. Location
The truth is the location of the diamond matters a lot. Herkimer diamonds are most probably found in Herkimer country, New York.
Herkimer diamonds are found in rocks that have been dated 500 million years old, thereby making the crystals equal to the age.
Quartz is the most common crystal found on earth surface and the clear crystal quartz are found across The United States and the world around you.
Some of the places such as Arkansas, California, Washington, South Carolina are among the few places where these clear quartz are found for commercial use.

2. Appearance
Talking about the appearance though both Herkimer diamonds and quartz crystal stone, they do have same variations in appearance. Herkimer diamonds  are double- terminated that means the crystal has two pointed ends. Clear quartz crystals can either be a double- terminated or single one depending on the variety of it.
Some Herkimer diamonds also have liquid inside them because o the way the crystal were formed million of years ago.

3. Physical Properties
The actual weight of the Herkimer diamond is 7.5 on the Mohs scale making them as hard as the diamond which score 10.
Both the Herkimer diamond and the quartz are used in jewellery and ate collected by the rock and mineral collector but make sure the clear quartz are always mined commercially while the Herkimer diamonds are not like them.

4. Spiritual properties
In metaphysical circles, clear quartz is considered by some to be a harmonizing stone tha can be used in healing and to communicate with spirits. Herkimer diamonds help to assist the balance and help you to attend to your enviornment. These diamonds are purposed to help to recall your dreams. They assist you to addition recovery and also the removal of spiritual toxins.
These are the four important ways you can differentiate the two quartz a clear one and the extra ordinary Herkimer diamonds.