Formation of Herkimer Diamonds

round-cut-diamond-300x300This diamond deposits requires a lot conditions. Enthusiasts about how these diamonds are formed? So, here comes the answer with that will end your future curiosity of knowing the truth. Many ideas and theories have been tossed to explain the Herkimer diamond history of formation. They are formed in Herkimer country in New York.  They are very shiny crystals that are double terminated. According to the past records that states that place where these crystals are found is New York, middle villas were a numerous of events took place. These events started at up to 50 million years ago near a shoreline. Over millions of sedimentary rocks were formed and had a hole along the certain layer. These holes were a result of the weathering and ancient fossil fuels. Therefore, resulting in increasing the tiny holes that are formed for fluids to follow.

After the host rock was formed 300-400 million years ago deep within the fluid contain oil, gas thus leaving behind the hydrocarbons material, salt and dissolved quartz move into the crack and out along the layers.  In addition to the variations in the effect of vertical movement add the unique features seen at such Herkimer diamonds.

The formation is also possible due to the additional groundwater movement through the hole layer that results in changes to cavities’ containing Herkimer diamonds. Let have detailed analysis of the formation of Herkimer diamond:

  • Snowball Earth: Television that shows prehistoric disasters and chemical changes.
  • Cambia Bloom: Extensive stromatolites changing to framework with increasing holes.
  • Limestone shelf and beach implement
  • Sea level changes and karst features
  • Early dolomite formation took place then further diamond is made.
  • Burial and formation for adjacent organic bearing sediment basin collapsed of earliest karst and the open stramatolites. Hole bearing layers adjacent to sandy layers forms pores and channel ways ready for fluid migration.
  • Faulting migration of silica fluids, also early hydrocarbons.
  • After the early Druze phase followed by the hydrocarbons.
  • Migration of Herkimer diamonds unites hydrocarbons.

This all illustration was the history of how Herkimer diamond is been formed. These above listed are the minerals that are present in the Herkimer diamond formation. There are mineral fluids of pulses including the gas and the oil that assist in making the Herkimer diamonds. The presence of fluids depends upon the district were the diamond is found.






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