Diamonds in Matrix

img-thingWhen working with this beautiful diamond, you will expect stimulated clairvoyance and clairaudience. You will better see things and see and hear things that are beyond normal perceptions, as your ability to read between the lines is amplified.

Herkimer assists you to hear the truth whether verbalized or not. They create a clear channel and you will better hear what is truly said when words and actions are muddied. But whatever is garnered will always hold the essence of spirituality filtered through from our higher self, making the knowledge receive the purest it can be and mind focused on the best intent.


Herkimer diamonds help things on the up and up. It happens because the diamond vibration is closer and t the brow and crown chakras the intensive and higher vibrations and spiritually attuned chakras.

It promotes divine grace. This crystal is of clear vision; they are powerful for tapping into hidden knowledge. There is no secret kept for scrutinizing crystals.

They are the messenger as they laser in on the hidden and unearth what you need to know call them one of the great spices of mineral world and your own personal detective. Like the sun, diamonds contains a sparkling brilliance. This brilliance is not only useful for the elevating the spirits. Through this diamonds your stress and depression gets vanished. It can also be used for removing all the toxins away from the body and is also used for correcting and realigning imbalance capacity. They bring a great clarity and helpful in clearing of diseases. As a protector, which quartz is, diamond aid in diluting and dispersing radioactivity from our surroundings and medical procedure. They are also known for helping with the immune system.

Herkimer diamond is a double terminated diamond that has spiritual and healing powers is a multi efficient in providing a good lifestyle. It assists in dealing with all the problems of your life.


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