Basics about Mining of Herkimer Diamonds


Some of the popular place where you can easily found these spiritual diamonds is Middleville, New York. Collecting these wonderful minerals is illegal therefore it is necessary to get advanced permission from government to mine at such places.

Talking about the mining of the Herkimer diamonds mines, the key to find these is a knowledge that they occur in cavities within the little fall Dolostone. These cavities can be smaller than a pea or a several feet across.


Find and Break Prospecting
The easy way to find pieces of vuggy rock and break them open with a hammer. There are very rare chances of you being lucky in case the rock break and has several Herkimer diamonds within a cavity.

When you are going around for a dolomite rock there are chances that you have to be particular about it your dress and especially carry the safety glasses. While going for a visit wear full sleeves shirt for find and break prospective. This is because as soon as you try to break the rock through a hammer the small pieces will immediately fly away as ashes therefore for you safety that it does not put a cut at your sleeves it’s important.

Scavenger Prospecting
There are a lot of visitors who are successful in searching the rock rubble for exposed crystal or searching the quarry floor for loose crystals.

Cavity prospecting
Interested in finding large quantities of crystals, the most successful mining method is to break into large cavities in quarry walls and floor using sledge hammer and wedges. This time requires patience, time and a bit of knowledge to break durable stone. According to an expert who claimed that success behind mining of such diamonds requires nice array of hammer, wedges, and pry-bars. Always prefer breaking the diamond through a sledge rather than bashing the hammer continuously. This dolomite rock contains hundreds of Herkimer diamonds, which range from a size of a millimeter to twenty centimeters.

Herkimer Diamond Jewellery
Mining Herkimer Diamonds is a great fun, isn’t it! This situation and this statement would only be applicable and agree to you all only if you get up and start mining. When you went for mining after break the rock and after each hammers as you find some pieces of Herkimer diamonds then only you would realize the happiness of having them. Herkimer diamonds are not easily available and apart from it they are very expensive too. So, if you want to be buy these diamonds make sure you learn this techniques of mining and then opt for them as it is good for you as it saves money and a multi

beneficial diamond.

Buy tools and mine these diamonds.


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