Haniken Diamonds

diamondsHaniken Diamonds are created and selling by Haniken Jewelers in New York. Haniken Jewelers was introduced by George Haniken in 1985. That’s why he named his store as Haniken Jewelers. George’s children are also keenly interested in their father’s business and even his son Michael Haniken is a GIA certified diamond gemologist as GIA is a certification of diamonds to ensure the quality and value. And now days George and his children Sonya, Michael and Emely are expertise in diamonds and successfully running their business.


Products and pricing

Here at Haniken Jewelers you can see gorgeous jewelry of all type but the most popular are Haniken Diamonds. When you enter in diamond section you will see awesome eye catching diamond jewelry like:

  • Bracelets
  • Necklace
  • Earrings
  • Rings
  • Gemstones
  • Gift items

In addition to the displayed fine jewelry you can also have customized jewelry. If you want any design of your choice or your creation you can place an order for that and you will get exact what you want. Their jewelry is superb and also in budget friendly price. In this time of huge competition you will get impeccable quality at reasonable rates.

Haniken Diamonds are EGL and GIA certified which assures about the value of diamonds. From last 30 years Haniken’s are serving their customers quality diamonds. Even every single customer of Haniken Jewelers calls them fantastic jewelers and recommend to their family and friends just because they are satisfied by their shopping at Haniken Jewelers.


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