Know the difference between Herkimer diamonds and clear quartz

herkimer_diamondHerkimer quartz are known as Herkimer diamonds not because they have a variety of clear quartz. You all should understand different between a clear crystal and a Herkimer diamond as it help you in achieving the real benefit of a Herkimer diamond.
So, if you are confused, look at the below points that aid you in finding a real Herkimer quartz.
Actually a real diamond and Herkimer quartz have a crystalline appearance and are collectively used in crystal making.
Though they are clear, quartz and Herkimer almost look the same.
Herkimer diamonds and quartz differ a lot in many ways some of them are as follows:


1. Location
The truth is the location of the diamond matters a lot. Herkimer diamonds are most probably found in Herkimer country, New York.
Herkimer diamonds are found in rocks that have been dated 500 million years old, thereby making the crystals equal to the age.
Quartz is the most common crystal found on earth surface and the clear crystal quartz are found across The United States and the world around you.
Some of the places such as Arkansas, California, Washington, South Carolina are among the few places where these clear quartz are found for commercial use.

2. Appearance
Talking about the appearance though both Herkimer diamonds and quartz crystal stone, they do have same variations in appearance. Herkimer diamonds  are double- terminated that means the crystal has two pointed ends. Clear quartz crystals can either be a double- terminated or single one depending on the variety of it.
Some Herkimer diamonds also have liquid inside them because o the way the crystal were formed million of years ago.

3. Physical Properties
The actual weight of the Herkimer diamond is 7.5 on the Mohs scale making them as hard as the diamond which score 10.
Both the Herkimer diamond and the quartz are used in jewellery and ate collected by the rock and mineral collector but make sure the clear quartz are always mined commercially while the Herkimer diamonds are not like them.

4. Spiritual properties
In metaphysical circles, clear quartz is considered by some to be a harmonizing stone tha can be used in healing and to communicate with spirits. Herkimer diamonds help to assist the balance and help you to attend to your enviornment. These diamonds are purposed to help to recall your dreams. They assist you to addition recovery and also the removal of spiritual toxins.
These are the four important ways you can differentiate the two quartz a clear one and the extra ordinary Herkimer diamonds.


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