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Know the difference between Herkimer diamonds and clear quartz

herkimer_diamondHerkimer quartz are known as Herkimer diamonds not because they have a variety of clear quartz. You all should understand different between a clear crystal and a Herkimer diamond as it help you in achieving the real benefit of a Herkimer diamond.
So, if you are confused, look at the below points that aid you in finding a real Herkimer quartz.
Actually a real diamond and Herkimer quartz have a crystalline appearance and are collectively used in crystal making.
Though they are clear, quartz and Herkimer almost look the same.
Herkimer diamonds and quartz differ a lot in many ways some of them are as follows:


1. Location
The truth is the location of the diamond matters a lot. Herkimer diamonds are most probably found in Herkimer country, New York.
Herkimer diamonds are found in rocks that have been dated 500 million years old, thereby making the crystals equal to the age.
Quartz is the most common crystal found on earth surface and the clear crystal quartz are found across The United States and the world around you.
Some of the places such as Arkansas, California, Washington, South Carolina are among the few places where these clear quartz are found for commercial use.

2. Appearance
Talking about the appearance though both Herkimer diamonds and quartz crystal stone, they do have same variations in appearance. Herkimer diamonds  are double- terminated that means the crystal has two pointed ends. Clear quartz crystals can either be a double- terminated or single one depending on the variety of it.
Some Herkimer diamonds also have liquid inside them because o the way the crystal were formed million of years ago.

3. Physical Properties
The actual weight of the Herkimer diamond is 7.5 on the Mohs scale making them as hard as the diamond which score 10.
Both the Herkimer diamond and the quartz are used in jewellery and ate collected by the rock and mineral collector but make sure the clear quartz are always mined commercially while the Herkimer diamonds are not like them.

4. Spiritual properties
In metaphysical circles, clear quartz is considered by some to be a harmonizing stone tha can be used in healing and to communicate with spirits. Herkimer diamonds help to assist the balance and help you to attend to your enviornment. These diamonds are purposed to help to recall your dreams. They assist you to addition recovery and also the removal of spiritual toxins.
These are the four important ways you can differentiate the two quartz a clear one and the extra ordinary Herkimer diamonds.


Pleasant Quality of Herkimer Diamonds

loosediamondsThe best friend of every girl and a women is ‘diamond’,isn’t it. It doesn’t matter, which clique is your favourite, you will always love Herkimer diamonds.
These diamonds are not actually diamonds but is a unique form of quartz in which configuration of crystallisation is a double terminated crytsal. These wonderful diamonds have the best clarity as the diamonds does, but Herkimer may also be found with occlusion or rainbows.
Real Herkimer diamond is found only in New York. There are other places too were Herkimer diamonds are mined such as Pakistan, Spain, Mexico, West Virginia, and Tanzania. There names are based upon from where they are mined. Although these stones are as hard as diamonds, they omit a gentle energy. The radiations that are omitted by this diamond make you realize one’s self. It helps you recognize the essence of being without effort as striving to be. There is no need for you to struggle or attempt to find the essential self to become what you are. Herkimer diamonds helps in triggering the conscious attunement to those spiritual levels.  On a psychic level the Herkimer can offer you seeker aid in obtaining guidance from higher diamonds. It helps in sparking the supernatural abilities of vision, telepathy and clairvoyance though this diamonds One can recall his or her dreams very easily with you a greater understanding. Now you all might be thinking to buy a bigger diamond to get the maximum energy from the diamonds but the fact is size does not increase the amount of radiations. In short the radiations omitted by the diamond is independent of the size of the diamond. This extraordinary diamond aid in increasing the creative level of the people and also help in doubling their imagination and the inspiration too.
Of you are one of the people who is lethargic and is unable to be fulfil his or her wishes buy these diamonds and see the difference.
On a healing level, when you see these diamonds it provides the clearance with the chakras opening the seeker to recognise and helps in removing the blockage that may be interfering with the optimum health.
These are among the best stones that one should buy as they are best in cleaning the electromagnetic pollution and radioactivity.
They are called the best of you if you are overloaded with stress and tensions of life. As nowadays everyone wishes to be the best and for that he steps into the world of competition where worries and stress are a part that each one have to face in day to day life, so if you wish to relief yourself from it buy Herkimer diamonds that will free you from the tensions.

Meta-physical properties of Herkimer Diamonds

diamond_png6674Herkimer diamonds are the best diamonds known to the world. They have wonderful diamonds starting from the healing properties to the meta-physical properties. Let’s have a discussion on the search of harmony, talking about the Liberians who also try to balance things out. Libra is the goddess of love, harmony, and beauty. The Liberians are always oriented towards people, and they seek harmony in both personal and professional relationships. This excellent trait of them makes them fit for mediators, diplomat, psychologist, and wonderful judges. They are sociable and very good communicators. Liberians are always ready to fit for justice and for people who are defenseless.

But apart from their by birth nature they need to be careful regarding their balancing as they need to be indecisiveness as they are open to balance. As these are very oriented, they need to remember to get their needs met while attending to the needs of the others. The planet Venus is the ruling planet of the Libras who is known for the passion and romance and no libra is happy without a harmonious love life.

Apart from the love life libra are also great in the sense of dressing themselves and decorating the home also. Overall they are refined in beautifying the things.

So, for sorting out the problem of balancing, libras must wear a Herkimer diamond such as gemstone, which will help them to recover well from the menace of their life. Gemstone is known for enhancing the librians experience. Gemstone is the perfect way to find a balance in life, which most of the librians seek. Gemstone has both physical and meta-physical properties qualities that can enhance all aspects of your well-being. This perfectly inclined crystal creates an energy field that interacts with our own when you try to hold it or wear as a necklace or wear it as a ring.

Gemstone Wonder’s
Through this way it helps to brings mental clarity, doubles your energy and enhances your creativity. Talking about the healing power of the gemstone, which is understood when we look into the big picture. Astrology principle manifest at all levels of creation.

Signature of the Gemstone  
Each gemstone is associated with specific planets. You might all be aware of the planet that’s ruling your astrology. Each gemstone has personal signature specific metaphysical properties, different from the stone association with its planet. It reflects the chemical composition, crystal structure and the other color of each unique stone.

How to make Gemstone work for you?
By considering the individual signature of gemstone, you can select the right gems for your specific purpose and needs, according to the astrological qualities:

  1. They are precious objects of beauty that holds a special meeting for you.
  2. They can also be used while meditating by tuning into their frequency for the purpose of balancing our energy field.
  3. They can be made into jewelery pieces for our pleasure as they enhance the expression of beauty and sense of empowerment.

Isn’t it a wonderful diamond, so if you are a Liberian rush at the nearby jeweler shop and buy any jewellery of Herkimer diamonds.

Fond of Herkimer diamonds? Let’s Make You Identify the Rough diamond?

brilliantThere are many individuals who are unacquainted of the real diamonds. Are you one amongst them? If yes, don’t worry, we are all here to help you out. Firstly the chance of finding a Herkimer rough diamond is extremely rare. Odds state that you don’t need to find a diamond. Let’s have a look at the various queries which most of you have:

  • Is the suspected diamond larger than 8mm(3/8 of an inch)
  • What is the weight of the suspected diamond is it more than 2 grams
  • Do you find more than one suspected diamond?

In case, the answer to all these questions is yes, then you have a bad news that is you found a wrong diamond.

Usually diamonds that are above 8mm, in excess of 2 grams in weigh are extremely rare that are merely 1 in10, 000,000. The chance of finding a diamond over 8mm is excess of 2 grams in weight is 1 in 1,000,000,000. That is one chance in a billion.

So, if you still think that you can easily beat all the odds and actually find a rough diamond. So, all the best! Now, the question arises how to find out the diamond is the real one or not.

Crystal Form

Searching for a crystal form is a quick way of differentiating diamond from most of the other minerals that looks like diamonds.

Diamonds are cubic isometric form. The most common minerals look like it is quartz and is in a shape of hexagonal form. Generally, the quartz has six sides whereas the diamond has four sides only.

When the diamonds broke apart, you will experience that it will cleave creating smooth, plain surface. But case of quartz they form a conchodial surface when they break.

For further checking whether it is a true diamond you need to follow certain test such as one amongst them is the specific gravity:

Checking the specific gravity will help you to determine the density of the diamond. The true density of the diamond is the 3.3-3.58g/cm3. So, make sure that you take a laboratory test to find out that the diamond is really a true one or not. If its density lies between such density mentioned above, the diamond is a true one otherwise it is a fake one.

The second test is the thermal absorption:

It is researched that diamond absorbs most heat than any other material in the world. There are many testers that have come in the market to generate hate and also there are testers to check the amount of heat absorbed by the diamonds. This method would defiantly help you in finding out the diamond is true or not.

So, now you can also buy the diamonds with a clarity of mind that the diamond are true as you very well know how to judge the diamond are real or not.

Get ready to visit the market and buy a wonderful diamond.

Herkimer Diamonds- “The Dream Rock”

diamond_1355958458647These Herkimer diamonds are famous for their brilliant superficial powers, found in New York.

Nowadays, there are two competing attractions – The Herkimer diamond mine and the ace of diamonds mine.

The word “mine” here states the strip mining or the gravel pit; there are numerous other shafts where, no carts of ore being hauled by the burrows, although there are a number of grim- faced prospectors who look as if they could use a bath.

The treasure mined here are “Herkimer diamonds” really faced quartz crystals with two points at both ends and this is supposedly one of the few places in the world, where they can be found. For many years, these were not attractive curiosities but today over the last two decades they are known to the people as “metaphysical essentials” according to the Herkimer diamonds. It is thought that double terminated points allow for multiple locations of energy to enter and exit from the crystal, resulting in a more powerful energy flow.

Some have dubbed the diamonds “dream rock” and also claimed that keeping such wonderful Herkimer diamonds under the pillow have helped them a lot as it has enhance their dreams and other used for the meditation and other healing purpose.

Talking about the people there are two types of people who visit the diamond mines:- casual tourists who may be on the lookout for a cheap way to burn out the kids; and power prospectors who are after a month lode to sell to a new age crystal shops. Both mines accommodate both types although the ace of the diamonds mine caters more to the serial diggers.

A few bucks in Herkimer diamonds gift shop will rent a hammer and you safety goggles, which we recommend as nothing ruins a vacation faster than a rock chip in your eye. The art of the diamond prospecting at least for a day- tripper is simple:

You walk up the dirty road two one of the two pits, find a craggy expanse to your liking and start pounding.

It is very beautiful to watch the sparkly and hand faceted diamonds emerging from the dull gray and dolomite rock. Although your interest5 may wane depending on your tolerance and for pounding rocks in a dusty, open pit that appears like the surface of the mars. Both pits were full of people when we visited; one seemed to have any plan, and the whole setup appeared to work on a single principle as machines in a casino.

A very different scene can be found next door, at the ace of the diamonds mine. It pit is in fact a few feet of the dolomite from the second pit at Herkimer, although you have to go back onto 28 and negotiate ma hairpin turn marked by the joint, cheesy silver Herkimer diamonds dangling from a crave.  So, if you are found op0f these beautiful dream rocks immediately rush to your nearby shop of Herkimer jewelers.