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Boosts Your Spirits

diamond-dark-mobileAfter seeing this beautifully designed diamond shape Herkimer diamonds nobody can deny viewing it only once. As, this diamond is pure white with a clear light. It help in boosting your consciences, and make sure that you are reminded of your own light. If you are diving around, immersed in the frequencies, due to something shifts there are chances of you being reminded of much higher forms of energy.  In real without doing too much, you feel connected to double-terminated diamonds clear quartz to a deeper level.

When it comes to purchasing the best crystals, Herkimer diamond is the first choice that is in everyone’s mind. Everyone feels that purchasing such diamonds is just a dream come true as all your wishes and your mind of thinking in every situation changes thereby making it positive. They have a wonderful hexagonal shape that makes it differ from the other crystals. The quality of light this extra-ordinary diamond refracts is so unusual that it looks like a blend of light. These are very energetic and have superior power and are very clear but not as clearer as the real diamonds usually are. Herkimer diamonds are those that fall under the category in between the crystals and real diamonds.

The theory about the Herkimer diamonds formed varies. Geologists have a strong believe that they were developed under intense heat and pressure, in sedimentary rocks, about 400-500 million years ago. Now, do you want to know that Herkimer diamonds are so special? For the readers, let me take you to the past of the Herkimer diamond formation when they were formed a volcanic eruption took place in which it was found that the fragments of the crystal got carried in the flaming balls of hot lava. Further, the heat from the lava acted on the broken shards in a manner that it liquefied and reforms into the Herkimer diamonds as the molten rocks. This is the reason behind Herkimer diamond being a special crystal with extra ordinary powers. As, it has wonderful qualities that make us believe that this might be the reason behind their superficial powers. There is a long list of attributes that makes them valuable such as brings joy, inspires independence, and boosts every type of relationship, and enhances everything in dream state. If you buy them and take time to experiment the wonderful benefits and qualities that it provides you, would definitely fall in love with this diamond. In case, you want that your dreams to come true, put a step forward buy a ring or anything made of Herkimer diamonds and keep it under your pillow, you may notice of recalling your dreams well , which further help in growing your vision and setting a path to achieve what you have dreamed the last night. Isn’t this a wonderful accessory to have in your jewelry box? If yes, not waste more time buy a small part of Herkimer diamonds accessory and own your own experiment it for few days its spiritual benefits. Hope you admire this beautiful and spiritual diamond.


Things to Notice while Purchasing Herkimer Diamonds

diamondHerkimer diamonds are extra ordinary quartz crystals that are found in a very small country known Herkimer diamonds, which is the true cause of the name of these amazing diamonds. This is the right place of where you can find such wonderful jewels with superficial powers. This diamond pointed edges on the both ends. These crystals were discovery in the early 1800’s by the settlers in the 1800’s in New York and were named such due to their diamond cut shapes. In brief, while purchasing such diamonds, make sure that it has 18 facets: – Six upper, middle, and lower facets.  They appear very clear and bright, although they come in different colors and formations. They are so clear because of the presence different ratios of carbon and silicon as compared to the other normal rock crystals quartz. These rare crystals are able to form double terminated due to their formation in gas bubbles in magma.

Talking about the things to notice while purchasing Herkimer diamonds just have a look at these amazing things to keep in mind:

While selecting the herkimer diamonds, there are many factors to judge their price that come into play. Usually, there are chances that most of the sellers believe that any small double-terminated quartz crystals is a Herkimer diamond and apart from it, they advertise such crystals from Mexico, Tibet, and others locations as Herkimer diamonds. But, a real Herkimer diamond is only available in Herkimer Country, New York, where the special conditions not only because double terminated crystals do not have exceptional formations and clarity of a Herkimer diamond. Due to their slight difference in the value of Herkimer diamonds and the Herkimer –type crystal, so make sure that you are buying this crystal from a knowledgeable and reputable seller. There are various diamonds that start from a budget more than lakhs, so it’s important to have knowledge about the Herkimer diamonds.

In general, Herkimer diamonds are dark smaller crystals with a clear overgrowth visible surrounding a larger smoky crystals. As there is no standardize grading system for the quartz, so each seller keeps its own grading system. In case, they don’t state the difference in their grades, ensure that you ask them about it. They should be able to tell you what types of flaws the crystal possess as well as the other unusual formation or characteristics that leads to a higher price. Ensure to include the size, shape and clarity of the Herkimer diamonds. Notice that if has the look similar to that of the diamonds or is it of any other unusual formation.

If you have any of the doubts regarding the diamonds, make sure to ask by emailing the seller and ask your query. In common, most of the sellers are knowledgeable about the diamond, which they are selling and also enthusiast to share them also. So, if you are have a strongdesire to buy such diamonds, make sure that you go through this article and try to follow this.

All the best! Hope you pay for the true price of the Diamonds.

Crystal Grid for Romance and Love: Herkimer Diamonds

singe-blue-crystal-diamond-14468471Most of individuals are busy in their life some are struggling to give the best in their jobs to earn for their family but in this struggle giving time to your special one is somewhere getting lost. If you are also in the same phrase of life, don’t worry here is something that would help you in dealing with this menace. Have you ever heard of the sparkling double-terminated double crystal? If not, so you must buy for your special one as they are very beautiful and seeing them it will have your love one fall for it. Apart from this these diamonds are not so much expensive as other diamonds are.

These double terminated Herkimer diamonds are exclusive diamonds that are found in Herkimer Country in New York. These crystals are found in small to large sizes and it is up to you as per your requirement, you can buy a single crystal and stunning cluster configurations. If you bought such a diamond for your loved ones, they would definitely fall in love with you as well as Herkimer as they look similar to a real diamonds.

The Herkimer diamonds excludes brilliance and dazzling happiness. People often carry Herkimer diamond quartz crystals in their pocket or bag as per their quality of boosting the energy. You can keep this wonderful diamond under your cushion for recalling your dreams. Apart from all this it is believed to help in building a string relationship with your partner. Herkimer diamonds aid in adjusting in a new environment and let you find a new job. It stimulates the body’s detoxification system and releasing stress. In case you have trouble in your relationship, love or romance it is the best diamond to sort out all such issues of life. It helps in amplifying the energy of any surrounding or proximal crystals.

These Herkimer diamonds have the power to enhance human energy and can convert the energy in another form of energy.  The healers often use such crystals and stones for healing the crystals. It aids in promoting the creativity and creativity, spiritual vision, and understanding. Most people use these diamonds for recalling their past injuries and diseases, which still have an effect in present life. Past release and transformation of energy makes the soul move forward. People usually get these beautifully designed diamonds with gemstones, as the crystals have the ability to magnify the stone’s vibration and power. It enhances the eyesight, sleep, and alleviates tiredness. People have found that they have found improvement in their relationship or they were able to form new friends and their relationships were on a right track as soon as they started wearing Herkimer diamonds. In the absence of peace and harmony, individuals try to lose the desire to reconnect but with these Herkimer diamonds, you would feel to connect with your loved ones and get another chance to patch up well with them.

So, if your relationship is on a parting note and you want the other person to stay with your happily buy them wear them and see the change.

Live happily with your partner and build a strong bond with them with the help of Herkimer diamonds. Good luck

The Spiritually Excellent Diamond in the World: Herkimer diamonds


These crystals are present in small to large sizes. These are also found in wonderfully cluster configurations. It is estimated that the smaller the crystal the more it would be able to provide clarity and offers a dazzling shine. One of the amazing fact aboutherkimer diamonds is that they do not twin like standard quartz. In brief it means that when a cluster is mined, it generally falls under into individuals piece’s once it is taken out of the pocket. The best part of these herkimer is that have the same shine as that of diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are primarily mined in Herkimer, New York but their quartz is found in Mexico, Spain, China, and Tanzania. According to the jewelers living in the New York states that the diamond found in Herkimer is half a point harder as measured in the Moh’s hardness scale as compared to the other materials from the local states.

Talking about their properties of herkimer diamonds, Katrina Raphaell states that they implement brilliance and happiness. She further added on saying that if you carry them in your pocket it is definite that they will help in boosting your energy. In case you keep these diamonds under your pillow it is definite that they can initiate consciousness out of body experiences apart from this it helps in retaining your dreams. Isn’t it an amazing diamond to have along with? Now, let me you a more interesting factor that is this diamond aid in dissolving all your tensions and congestion in our auric and physical bodies.

The herkimer diamonds are those diamonds that make one to realize its inner quality and also makes him or her in assisting in the recognizing of essential being within. It removes all the negative thoughts coming across your minds. That’s the reason behind this diamond is famous across the world as “attunement diamond” having spiritual effects. It aids in attuning one individual with another, environment and also activity.

This attunement property of this diamond was one that I was unaware of when I brought this shiny diamond for sale but when my daughter forced me to not to sale because of the shine and as she felt like everything was quite nice for the time it was with her. But, being a stubborn on my decision as soon as sold this diamond I got a shock as everything went wrong day by day. With every bad things happening in my life, the voice of the daughter of guiding me to not sell this wonderful diamond was ringing in my mind. After the everyday worst experiences, I finally decided to buy a herkimer diamond for myself and my daughter and we both keep it with us. From that day to now this diamond has given me strength, happiness and I believe when this is with me I feel safe and an overall good and refreshing feeling is there. So, if you want to feel the same and want to make your life a colorful and want to fill happiness in it, buy this diamond and make your life superb one.

Boosts Inner Vision

sell-diamonds-for-cashHerkimer diamonds are quartz crystal variation, which are generally found in foothills within and most probably in Herkimer Country, New York. The herkimer diamonds are known worldwide for the amazing and special uses. They are as clear as a mirror and are famous for the luster it has.

This beautiful diamond was formed approximately 450-500 million years ago in small packets of dolomite limestone bedrock, knowns as the third hardest rock in the world.

For this crystal most mining is done through hand, and is a very painful process. For making it a comfortable, there are various machines that can help you out in making this stressful process a simpler one.

Herkimer diamonds are most precious and clearest amongst all the quartz crystal and aby most of the people for their meta-physical properties. Now, most of you might be having a doubt regarding why herkimer are known as diamonds? As they have clarity, sparkle, and shape as real diamonds. They are known as herkimer diamonds as they are named after the country town in which they are found (that is Herkimer, in New York).

Let us tell you about herkimer diamonds that are formed naturally with 18 facets and are double terminated quartz.  They have a hardness of 7.5 as per checked on the Mohs scale. It is observed that small the gem the more flawless clarity is. It is estimated that they can grow as larger as 12 inches or some of them are generally smaller in size up to 4 inches.

Talking on the topic that is inner vision, herkimer diamonds help to connect to the third eye and crown chakras thus bringing forth increase in the inner vision. As per their higher dimensions and higher guidelines they are best for individuals. Such high vibrations help this diamond to stimulate the inner vision. This diamond has meta-physical properties that make it a rewarding diamond. This diamond is considered the best healer. So, if you have any problem such as to be motivated and going through a difficult phrase of life where there are a lot of worries and complications, wear this diamond as it would help in releasing all your stress. This act of yours would make your mind free to find a solution and get out of the drastic situation within few seconds.

So, isn’t it a good option to get make your life relaxed and the second best part is it is not pricey as the diamonds usually are. If you looking for such wonderful diamonds make sure that you contact the jeweler and make sure that he provides you a an ornament that you can wear daily such that all the positive energy of this diamond helps in dealing with the daily situations of your life. For you more clarity let me tell you that it is not a diamond that requires a lot of care but a diamond you can wear daily and a cost-efficient one as it has majestical powers to rule your life and make sure you are on a right tract.

Herkimer Diamonds: The Real Diamonds

brillantenNowadays,herkimer diamonds are growing in popularity, which is arising a lot of doubts in people mind regarding their reality. Most of them are skeptical to purchase them and analyze it with real diamonds. There is always in the minds of jewelry purchasers that whether they are real or not? Are they investing in a profitable thing? Is it as much valuable as read in the internet? So, for your satisfaction and concern let us aware you that these are not diamonds but crystals. They are valuable and a very cheap alternative to real diamonds, which are quite expensive.

The name herkimer diamonds is often mislead the jewelleryenthusiasts. Usually, it is a double-terminated quartz crystal, which is mined from Herkimer, New York. These fabulous crystals have naturally faceted and is remarkable characters, which make it quite compatible to real diamonds and its clarity. The best part of such diamonds is high clarity that has attracted hundreds of eyes of jewelry enthusiasts who likes to have them in their jewelry box that too at a low price.

These diamonds are hard and rate as 7.5 on Mohs scale. The hardness of this diamond makes it a perfect to design or shape in any way you wish too. These crystals usually have a shape that appears similar to diamond. It has 18 facets and two terminated points.

Its value lies in metaphysical properties, which is used for healing purpose. The value of herkimer diamonds depends on its source. This extra-ordinary crystal is available in United States, Mexico, and Spain.

Talking about the differences between the real diamonds and herkimer diamond crystals:

  1. Real diamonds are the hardest substance known on this big earth with a hardness of 10 Mohs scale whereas herkimer diamonds are comparatively harder at 7.5 on Mohs scale.
  2. There is also a slight difference in the composition of them as well. The diamonds are made of carbon whereas herkimer diamonds crystals consists of silicon dioxide.

These are clear crystals and are white or colorless crystals because they have no inclusions.

As per its metaphysical properties, the herkimer diamonds are called as “stone of attunements” which boost the psychic abilities. For meditation purpose you can wear herkimer ring. It increases the responsiveness and stimulates inner vision. Most of the people have to wear herkimer diamonds ring and necklace to release energy blockage. This diamond is good to reduce stress and tensions. The stone is effective for creative people as it flares imagination and creativity. It aids to recall the dreams and sort the communication problems in love affairs. It further amplifies the energy of another crystal that is placed with it.

Due to herkimer diamonds value people buy herkimer diamonds rings for their weddings and engagements. It builds a balance, emotions, and relationships thereby making life fulfilling. It helps to detoxify the body, and therefore is useful in treating ailments and health issues. Unlike the real diamonds, herkimer diamonds necklace and rings do not need much care. Isn’t it an amazing thing, so you can wear it anytime.

So, confirmed about the doubts get ready to purchase these wonderful diamonds.