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Metaphysical Properties of Herkimer Diamonds

sell-diamonds-for-cashAs most of you are well familiar with the amazing Herkimer Diamonds that are the best in the world found in the New York State.Most of the people also know that these are double terminated rock crystal. But after knowing about the basic of herkimer diamonds let’s have some of the briefing about the energies which these diamonds provides you:

Balancing the Aura and Stabilizing the Energy
These diamonds has a veryspecial place amongst the gems due to their superior qualities. It is worn more usefully over the heart. As, it is sitting over the heart chakras, which lie in the middle of the seven chakras, it aids to balance the whole energetic system.Therefore, it is able to strengthen our auric field against all the kinds of the radiations, including electro smog and pessimistic projections. Almost all of the people are constantly targeted by radiations in our daily lives, most probably in the urban areas. It is believed that sitting in front of laptop or T.V for a long duration of time can lower your white blood cell counts, which can have an adverse effect on your health. In such a critical situation, herkimer diamonds are the best for its perfections and balancing the negative and positive pints thus helps in balancing and strengthening energy fields.If you are a sensitive person, try to opt for them as they are the best for maintaining your own balance and strength.

Balance the Brain
This wonderful stone also balances the right and left hemispheres of the brain. It helps in understanding the creative, logical thoughts too. Most of us are pretty confused in most of the situations, but wearing this amazing diamond helps in balancing and aids to make a proper decision. The creative mind, logical mind, and scientific mind are enhanced by each other qualities:

The creative mind benefits from greater focus, the logic and scientific mind draws on more creativity and intuitive resources.  When these all combine with each other results in formation of discoveries and inventions.

Boosts Creativity and Inspiration
The herkimer diamond’s helps in boosting the inspiration and connection to higher truth and wisdom. Having clarity of thoughts and a peaceful mind is a matter of balance.These herkimer diamonds can be worn over your heart as they are the most close to your brain. For jewelry seek the clearest and most perfect crystal. You can also keep the jewelry below the pillow to get the benefits of receiving such positive. Diamond is a gift in perfection and balancing qualities. If you want to lead a good and balanced life and chop all the stress and tensions, opt for these herkimer diamonds. It is the best creation by the god, who is helping you in dealing with all your critical situations of life that’s why this beautiful diamond is here to sort all your worries. Go grab the opportunity and get rid of all the menace of your life.


Herkimer Diamonds- One of the Best Gemstones for Librarians

diamond-004-96d09Libra, which stands for justice and harmonizer.

The Search for Harmony
The symbol for Libra is the scale of justice, represents the signs of affinity for balance, and fairness. Those scenes are seen in all areas of a Libra’s life, from relationships to home environment. Libra is the known as the name of the Venus, the goddess of love, harmony and beauty. The 7th home is attributed to libra and the theme of partnership and is related to others.

Libras are very concerned with towards individuals, and they continually seeks harmony in the other professional and personal relations. This particular trait in them makes the liberians a strong mediator, diplomat, psychologist, and judges. They are social able and extremely good at their communication skills. But Libra’s are ready to fight for justice for people who are defenseless. Apart from there this trait of staying balanced to each of the sides they are openly influenced by all sides of issues. As, they are oriented, they also need to remember to get their own needs met while attending the needs of others too.

Libra is ruled by the Venus, who is the planet of passion and romance, and truly no Libra is happy without a harmonious love life. They are best everywhere starting from clothing to art and other spheres too. They are refined in both their appearances and their behavior.

How Gemstones Can Boosts Libra Experiences?
Gemstone is a perfect way of finding the balance that Libra seeks. Gemstones have both physical and metaphysical qualities, which have enhanced all aspects of your well-being. The perfectly aligned crystal structure of gemstones builds an energy field that interacts with our own either while holding in your hand or wearing it as a necklace.In this way wearing such gemstones aids to calm you down, maintain a balance, and try to bring mental clarity, doubles your energy, enhances your creativity and much more.

In general gemstones can be used for three different ways:

  1. They are precious objects of beauty, which holds a special meaning for all of us.
  2. They are used for the mediation by tuning into the frequency for the purpose of balancing your energy field.
  3. For your comfort of carrying they can be made into jewelry pieces for boosting an individual expression of beauty and sense of enjoyment.

One of the best gemstones is herkimer diamonds, it is the only true birthstone for Libra’s.

Found in Herkimer, New York State, a double terminated rock crystal with clarity and brilliance, which is named after the most reflective and brilliant stone there is, the diamond. They are as dazzling as true diamonds. This stone grows in small air pockets in the mother matrix rock materials. This stone is an amazing in its beauty, clarity, and perfection. It is not like the diamonds, which are usually cut and polished to bring the beauty.  The herkimer diamond is best in the natural form and without being cut.

Explore the Gentle Energy of Herkimer Diamonds

diamond-imagesDiamonds are always related to women as they add grace to their beauty hence making them more gorgeous. Diamonds are forever. It doesn’t matter, which circle is you’re much loved, you will always appreciate these herkimer diamonds.

These herkimer diamonds are not actually diamonds but are an exceptional form of quartz in, which the configuration of crystallization is a double terminated crystal. This amazing pseudo- diamond may have the exquisite clarity similar to that of the diamonds, but herkimer can be found with rainbows and occlusions.

A “real” herkimer diamond is the one that is found only in the New York State.

They have been discovered in the late 1800s in Herkimer. There are also certain places in the world where herkimer diamond is found that are now mined includes Arkansas, West Virginia, Mexico, Spain, Tanzania, and Pakistan. Depending on the local of the mine various diamonds have modified names. Though these crystals are as hard as usual diamonds yet they omit gentle energy. The radiations omitted by these herkimer diamonds aids in recognizing the important being in one’s self. It allows one to be all by himand recognize the importance of being the essence of being without effort, as opposed to striving to be. It makes you an optimistic person and a person full of ambitions and provides you strength for facing each obstacle, which you need to face with a bravery and smartness. It stimulates the conscious attunement to higher spiritual levels.

If you look at a psychic level herkimer diamonds can offer seeker aid in obtaining direction from higher dimensions. It helps in enhancing the psychic abilities such as the vision, telepathy, and clairvoyance. Now, having these wonderful diamonds aids you in recalling your dreams more easily and also make sure that you have a greater idea about your dream elements. The size of the diamonds nowhere relate to the energy omitted by them. Many times those stones that are small with a better clarity are more powerful as compared to the larger counterparts. Herkimer diamonds are a powerful crystal that helps in boosting an individual potential. These stone make you feel more energetic and make you live a happy and a tension free life, thereby deleting all your negative vibes out of your mind. These also help in enhancing the creative process at many times it helps in inspiring the individual.

If you consider a healing level, herkimer diamonds clears the chakras opening the seeker to changes thus allowing the spiritual energy to flow. It also helps in removing the entire blockage that is interfering in between with optimum health. These diamonds are considered the best diamonds to use for cleaning the electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity. They also aid in relief from insomnia, correction from the DNA tests, and helps in healing the cellular disorder and thereby balancing the metabolic system. Herkimer also eliminates the stress and tensions from the physical body. Overall herkimer diamonds are the best for keeping you physical and mental active.

Brief about Determining the Value of Herkimer Diamonds

diamond-imgHerkimer diamonds are natural quartz crystals, which are found in New York. The reasons behind they are known to the world as herkimer diamonds is that they have a diamond like shape. In this modern era, herkimerjewellery is increasing in popularity not just because of its magnificent, but also because as it adds grace to the wearer. Though this quartz crystal is a hard nut to crack yet it still hard enough to cut into beautiful shapes.

These diamonds are often clear, colorless, contains air bubbles, rainbow inclusions, and black carbon deposits.They are valuable as compared to the other crystals that are found on other sites and as well as smoky. Such are the most powerful quartz crystals and have a therapeutic effect on the bas well on the person’s mind. These diamonds are familiar to the people for transmitting energy and even receiving it and amplifying spiritual energy. It is used for physical and emotional. Therefore, most of the people wear herkimer diamonds jewelleryas it fights pain. This wonderful crystal is also known as a powerful purifier, asit helps the body to rid from toxins as well as aid to correct the imbalance in the body. It stimulates the immune system and prevents physical enthusiasm.

It also deals in curing eye ailment and correcting the eyesight.

The value of this diamond is massive, as the stones are bought for their spiritual energy. If you intent to buy quartz crystal, you can now better understand how its value is calculated. Like many other diamonds, herkimer diamond value is also judged by its clarity, color, cut, and carat weight. This value is documented in the GIA certificate, which is available with herkimer diamond jewellery. In case you wish to own this amazing crystal, it is quite an essential task to check its value first by having a look at its ‘Four Cs’, which are enlisted above. This will aid to make you select the diamond that is worth payable. It is also a fact that the clear diamonds are more valuable as compared to the diamonds that contains impurities and defects. If any other element is mixed in the carbon matrix, or in case it has twists, the probability of its decline gets increased. You must be well aware that even a single cut in herkimer diamonds also decides its value. Different shapes are sold at different prices. While buying herkimer diamonds, you can ask for a certificate to know how it rates on different criteria.

In circumstances, you are searching for the best or quality herkimer diamonds, you can easily reach the best quartz crystal shop who have the best quality diamonds are very much expert in providing the best knowledge to you. Herkimer diamonds are known for the brightness and their sparkle, so if after having a brief and in case you want to know the fact, which is the true diamonds make sure to consult the online retailer of herkimer diamonds.

Healing Properties of Dazzling Herkimer Diamond

diamond-02Herkimer diamonds are actually the quartz they are known in the world because of their brilliant sparkle that is the reason behind they been familiar as diamonds to people. Apart from there sparkle they are known for their exceptional healing powers. Interested in knowing about it in description, have a look at these beneficial properties:

1) Physical Healer
If you have a clear vision problem, in such a case this brilliant diamond can do wonders as this diamond is extremely supportive for the eyesight and other eye-related ailments. Apart from vision, its energies are best for removing the toxins and purifying the body, making a balance in the metabolism and cellular disorders. It aids to stimulate the immunity, preventing the physical exhaustion.

It is overall a best remedy for all the severe pain of your body. If it is placed on the portion of the affected areas, it helps in absorbing all the pain thereby provides you relieve from the traumatic conditions. It is best for relieving the stress and tensions.

2) Emotional Healer
It transmits the energy of harmony. It allows you to appreciate the other person and changes your negative thoughts running in your mind and makes you an optimistic person. These diamonds includes water in it, which is helpful in healing your emotional body, thus aid to notice the deeper side of yours. It enlightens the spirit that is within you. It makes you feel that, “Every dark cloud has a silver lining within it”, even when you are facing a menace. Basically the water inclusions containing the herkimer crystals are known for encouraging heart centers, forming an uplifting, and enlightening energy, which may help person to express emotions and feelings with others.

3)Spiritual Healer
These diamonds are best considered for travelling to the astral bodies. It inquires about the expanded reality of the universe and bring together with the human kind. The internal structure of the diamond is best for receiving and sending the energies. The high vibration energy that diamond holds helps in stimulating the psychic and mystic energies of the people. In case the person suffers from the short term memory lost, at such a stage these diamond works well as they help in recovering the past life information.

The brightest light emitted by these crystals aid to stimulate one’s energy and attunes him with the divine.

4) Heals and Balance Chakras
Herkimer diamonds are known for cleaning and healing the brow and the crown. The pure and radiant light of Herkimer diamonds acts well ion activating the chakras. The brow chakras called as third eye chakras aids to direct the person to the activities going around the world. It makes sure that the people understands what is essential at this point of time and do things and sort the problems in a systematic manner. It makes the person opens to new ideas and helps in transferring its mind sets and the thought process thereby making its life better than the present.

Some Brilliant Uses of Herkimer Diamonds

diamond-symbol-of-the-selfHerkimer quartz is a high energy aspirant of the crystal world. They probably have a dazzling sparkle, apparently pure, and are powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. They have extra-ordinary healing powers and are used for meditations, wonderful dreams, vision work, and for advanced spiritualization applications. These diamonds are most powerful around the world. They not only have the ability to transmit their energies but they have the strength to receive the spiritual energy and to amplify the focus on it fascinatiely.

They are harder than any other quartz. They provide firmness and durability to handle the most daunting challenges beyond the scope of the quartz crystal. If somehow they lack in their physical size, they are best in their spiritual energy.

This amazing mineral owns its name from the Herkimer country from where it has been found. This small double terminated crystal is very short and thick found in hard rock matrix, which provides them strength. They are very clear and colorless and also contain rainbow inclusions, air bubbles, and black carbon deposits. Apart from this, these crystals also contain small percentage of anhydrous inclusions of water. But, there are some exceptions too amongst them, like some are rather smoky and are also found in other sites, but generally they do not have the same hardness or high gloss of Herkimer diamonds.

After talking about their physical state, let’s have a look at their adorable uses:

Use of Herkimer Diamonds
It is an “attunement stone” used to bring harmony to other persons, group, and society. It is used before “laying-on-of-stones” or healing situations when the practitioners and subjects are not well-acquainted and is an exceptional crystal for binding the people together who have to be parted. For using it as an attunement, the herkimer should be held simultaneously as one at the first, than upon parting each person should retain one of the stones or a cluster may remain at one location while an individual carries a portion of that cluster on the person to connect with the energy of a group or the environment.

Herkimer crystal is also a valuable asset in its ability to receive and adore the influenza of other stones. Herkimer diamonds are just magnifiant that they allow you to retain the information for a long period of time. This is best for the youngsters as they help during their exams in retaining the information that they have read few months earlier. They can also be programmed with the thoughts of love, well-being, and for healing others too.

They are excellent in healing the environment where its clarity, brilliance, and high frequency facilities. The removal of energy blocks or debris is possible through them. It stimulates the healing by increasing the light energy of the body. It is exceptionally a string crystal for clearing the electromagnetic pollution, radioactivity and empathic stress too. It acts as a power stone at the work place and helps in bringing the prosperity and positive thoughts that makes you feel good. It’s it an adorable diamond, aren’t you fan of this diamond? So, without wasting much time, visit your nearby jeweler and opt for them.

Herkimer Diamond Boosts Healing

diamond_1355958458647Nowadays, herkimer diamonds are rising in popularity due their extra-ordinary healing properties. They help in taking you to the highest spiritual vibrations. These diamonds not only have healing properties but powerful metaphysical properties. They aid in connecting you to the astral plane to the physical plane.

Herkimer is beautiful and has high vibration crystal, which boosts clairvoyant abilities. That’s the biggest reason behind people opting for them.

Where is Herkimer found?
The name of this ancient herkimer, is related to the location from where it was first found that is Herkimer, New York, USA.

Some Facts about Herkimer
These are not really diamonds but double terminated quartz, which personify high crystal energy. This stone is as clear as a bright sunny day, and as lofty as the sun sits above us. They have black anthrax lite inclusions. Some of them even have water inclusions, which help in healing emotional problems. Though they appear similar to the other clear quartz, yet they differ slight a little bit. This slight difference is brightness of herbiner is more as compared to other quartz and they have higher vibration too.

They have extinct and harmonious energy, which is appreciated when used as a tool in healing environment.  There are very few crystals that have high vibrations. The clearer the crystals the purer the vibration seems to be. They have a stronger frequency, which aid in stimulating both the psychic vision and clairvoyant abilities. If these tiny uncommon crystals that have high vibrations are combined with this stone, it will lead to boost the energy of the smaller stone. When they are used in such a manner, they will make you feel like you are suing a larger stone. So, in case you want to boost the energy of the smaller stone, use this powerful herkimer diamonds. They are also used for boosting the mental telepathy.

It is a blissful stone to use to get rid of emotional stress. This amazing diamond is used by many people for meditation. The purity and the beauty of energy of this crystal may draw the spirit guides towards you. If you wear it in your hand, you may notice connecting yourself to the angels.

Herkimer diamond will attune to a person using them, and as other quartz are known for the quality of retain the information, it’s also does the same. It aids in making you an optimistic person. It encourages you to be positive and supports you in dealing with every situation of life through calm and a positive approach. It acts as a mind master. Doing a daily meditation by wearing this powerful crystal stone will help in making you experience the spiritual experiences.

This may even result in a variety of opening of psychic gifts. These are the powerful stones for the chakras. They assist in taking the energy up through the third eye to the crown chakra to the soul star, and higher to transpersonal chakras.

So, if you have ever wished to experience the spiritual experience and not got a chance to experience it, opt for herkimer diamonds that will help you in fulfilling your desire.