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diamond-punchOn top of the many fine attributes of Quartz, Herkimer Diamonds comes with an added punch.  Their clarity and dual-points give them what I call “the laser effect” – the ability to pinpoint and hone in on what’s relevant.  They are also known to create balance.  And, being a Quartz, they will amplify everything.

Called the “Stone of Attunement”, I find it to also be the “Stone of Total Awareness”.  Herkimer Diamonds can be used to attune oneself to another person, place or thing.  They are excellent in aiding us in getting to know something or someone more intimately and fully.  They can be used by two people who are not physically together, to keep in ‘touch’ and to help bind themselves further to one another, as the crystal enhances their knowledge and awareness of each other.  This works well for groups too, helping them work together harmoniously so that what they are working to accomplish will manifest in the most cohesive manner and with the best results.  In another aspect, Herkimer’s may be used to garner information as well as give it, as they possess an uncanny ‘give & take’ ability, meaning they are exceptionally adept and handy at simultaneously sending and receiving.  They are a very nice bridging stone.  There is no problem in programming a Herkimer; they quickly deliver messages or work to manifest whatever they are programmed for.

For aid with the mystical, the magical uses of Herkimer diamonds are many. Astrologically, this stone resonates with Libra, Aries, and Sagittarius. Its planet is the sun. Its element is all four, but with a propensity toward fire and air. Thus, masculine and projective. In ceremonial ritual along with in Feng Shui, Herkimers are used to clear and purify space, and will remove any stagnant energy that happens to reside there. Herkimer’s are good to hold during past-life regressions, as they help open the telepathic channel and maintain the bridge between what we perceive as then and now and they are excellent in crystal grids or for energizing and amplifying and keeping the connectivity of any spell, chant, ritual or magical endeavour. They are good magical substitute for actual diamonds.


Herkimer in matrix

diamond-matrixWhen working with the Herkimer Diamond you can expect stimulated clairvoyance and clairaudience.  You will better see and hear things that are beyond the normal perceptions, as your ability to read between the lines is amplified.  Herkimers help you hear the truth, whether verbalized out loud or not.  They create a clear channel and you will better hear what is truly being said when words or actions are muddied or not freely given.  But whatever information is garnered will always hold the essence of spirituality filtered through from our Higher Self, making the knowledge received the purest it can be, and the mind focused on the best intent.  Herkimers help keep things on the up and up.  This is because the Herkimer Diamond’s vibration is closer to (and thus works well with) the Brow (Third Eye) and Crown Chakras – the intuitive, higher vibration and spiritually attuned Chakras.  Herkimers promote divine grace.

In their crystal-clear visions, Herkimers are powerful for tapping into hidden knowledge.  There are no secrets kept from these scrutinizing crystals.  They are both sleuth and messenger, as they laser in on the hidden and unearth what you need to know.  I call them one of the great spies of the mineral world…your own personal private detective…but always helping to keep your intent pure.  In this viewing and being viewed capacity, these little gems are most helpful for Astral Travel, psychic insight and, of course, for such telling revelations.

Like the Sun, Herkimer Diamonds contain a sparkling brilliance.  This brilliance not only is used for clarification of things, but also is useful for elevating the spirits.  Depression, melancholy and the general blues are dispelled and replaced with a sunnier outlook.  Stress and tensions are alleviated.  For aid in physical health, Herkimers can be used to disseminate and help remove toxins from the body and for correcting and realigning imbalances in any capacity.  They bring about a greater clarity – a helpful clearing of dis-ease, along with a crisp and clear flow of thoughts and ideas on how best to help oneself.  As the Protector that Quartz is, Herkimer Diamonds can aid in dispersing and diluting radioactivity from our surroundings or during medical procedures.  They are also well-known for helping with the Immune System.

Herkimer stones – promoters of our inner awakening

These wondrous specimens can be incredible inspirational tools, making the contact with our spiritual levels of consciousness more easy, boosting our creativity, helping us ease the inner tension, and establishing a feeling of all-embracing wellbeing and joy. If your personal relationships are disrupted, this stone can help you repair them, and fix all you other problems on every level of existence.

DiamondsWorking with them can enhance your dream recall. They can help you establish a healthy sense of self love and self acceptance, keeping your heart open also for other people close to you. Herkimer can teach you how to love unconditionally.

Oftentimes our everyday life is not clear and transparent. The perfect clarity, beauty and charm of herkimer diamonds can remind us of what we could become on provided that we implement the Divine qualities and attributes. Herkimers are easily available, relatively inexpensive, and thus we can say that they are more valuable for us than the genuine diamonds. Do not forget — the diamonds need to be cut and polished in order to shine — Herkimers are shiny and perfectly clear even without any human intervention. They are natural objects of perfection we can and should by all means identify with.

Restore Your Body and Mind with the majestic Herkimer Crystal

Each of the Herkimer diamonds is unique and carries its own personality. The two points at the opposite end (double termination) make this crystal a powerful tool for metaphysical purposes. Its properties and meanings are similar to those of quartz, only considerably enhanced and multiplied by at least an order of magnitude. Speaking about its impact on the organism, it can be considered a potent balancing stone for getting our physical and emotional energies in proper order. It should be used with care, especially if you are not adapted to its high vibrations. Given that this is one of the most powerful gemstones for releasing and discharging the energy blockages within our auric energy field (more about the human auras here), it is no surprise that herkimer diamond is frequently used in crystal layouts and/or for placing on energy centers – chakras.
Just like rock crystal – quartz, when combined with other semi precious and precious gemstones, it can considerably increase their performance. When our organism is weak and when it needs restoring, and rejuvenating nothing works better than a crystal elixir made from this gem. Just let it stay overnight in a glass of pure spring water, and drink it in the morning for optimal results.

Herkimer ‘Diamond’ Quartz

imagesAlso known as “Little Falls diamond” and “Middleville diamond” after its original discovery sites, herkimer “diamond” is a double terminated quartz that became popular after it was discovered by workmen inside of exposed dolostone outcrops in the 18th century. However, Mohawk Indians and early settlers held these crystals in high esteem long before this. Herkimer diamonds are theorized to form very slowly in vugs or small solution cavities. They can be smoky, colorless or exceptionally clear, or they may contain air bubbles, rainbow inclusions, or deposits of black carbon. Enhydro water inclusions have been found in a small percentage of herkimer diamonds. Other than New York, these crystals are found in Arizona, Ukraine, China, Afghanistan, and Norway. They are highly prized by mineral collectors and healers as well as for their use in jewelry.

In the metaphysical world, Herkimer diamonds are prized as the most powerful among all quartz crystals—especially by teachers of alternative therapies and spirituality. They are said to amplify spiritual energy and are regarded as “attunement” stones, attuning members of a group and linking them together even when they must physically be apart. They are believed to possess a kind of “crystal memory,” giving them the ability to retain information to be retrieved at a later date and be “programmed” with feelings of healing, love and well-being for others to draw upon. Herkimer diamonds are great meditation aids and are claimed to bring their companions to the highest vibration level possible while still remaining within the physical body. They are said to connect the physical and astral planes and facilitate astral travel. These stones are also often kept in the company of other smaller and/or softer energy stones where they are said to magnify their influence and make them behave as if they were much larger stones. Gridding the home and workplace with even included or cloudy Herkimer diamonds may clear the environment of radioactivity, electromagnetic pollution and geopathic stress. They also make a highly effective gem elixir or environmental spray. Employees or coworkers under its powerful influence may enjoy higher aspirations and assistance with their study and research, and the company as a whole may benefit in the form of stabilization of finances.

Herkimer diamond is well known for its alleged ability to fight pain. In fact, it has been claimed to reduce and then virtually eliminate pain in as little as three to four minutes, immediately after being laid upon the afflicted area of the body. It is also considered to be a powerful purifier and has been used by crystal healers to correct imbalances in metabolic rate, cellular disorders, and RNA/DNA. Additionally, it may prevent burnout and physical exhaustion, stimulate the body’s immune defenses, release rigidity and tension in the body tissues, correct eyesight and support the overall health and healing of the eyes, and more.