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How Do You Know You Are Purchasing Real Herkimer Diamonds?

When purchasing Herkimer Diamond many factors determine, price comes in to play. First and foremost, make sure you are purchasing is a real Herkimer diamond. Many sellers erroneously believe that any small double terminated quartz crystal is a Herkimer diamonds and advertise crystals from Tibet, Indian, Mexico and other locations as being Herkimer diamonds.  A real Herkimer diamond is only from Herkimer Country, New York, where the special conditions not only cause double terminated crystals but also the exceptional clarity that leads to a high quality crystal. Most of the quartz crystals do not have the exceptional formation and clarity of Herkimer diamond. Due to the difference in value of a Herkimer diamond versus Herkimer-type crystals, be sure you know the seller you are buying from is knowledgeable and reputable. Some Herkimer diamonds run into the hundreds and thousands of dollars, so it is important to know you are dealing with – just like any other rare or collectible piece.


Since there is no standardized grading system for quartz, like there are for carbon diamonds, each dealer usually creates their own grading system. If they don’t state the difference is between their grades, don’t be afraid to ask. They should be able to tell you what type of flaws the crystals possesses as well as any other unusual formations or characteristics that lead to a higher price. Consider the size, the shape, and clarity. It is unusually clear for its size? Does it have any striations (marking from other crystals) or obvious flaws? Is it the classic diamond shape or it is another unusual formation? What about facet formations –are three extra faces of any unusually shaped facets? Is there a phantom inside of it? A phantom is a rare type of formation where several stages of crystal growth are apparent when looking at the crystal. In Herkimer diamonds they usually appear as a dark smaller crystal or a crystal overgrowth visible surrounding a larger smoky crystal – that it looks like the crystal has a clear outline around it of crystal). Is it a Herkimer type crystal (meaning a piece of double terminated quartz from somewhere else that is not of such high quality  and value?) These are the factors that go into pricing a Herkimer diamond that the dealer considers and why it is important to know your dealer and their grading system. Don’t be afraid to email the seller for questions! Most sellers of Herkimer diamonds are rock hounds or jewelers that are knowledgeable about their stock and the enthusiastic about sharing that knowledge! Remember that when buying gemstones and jewelry, the main thing that is important is that you are happy with your purchase and can enjoy it for years to come!


Herkimer Diamond Chakra Healing

2013-08-24-12.58.14Herkimer diamonds are well known for its    pure crystal light which clears the chakras which enables the opening of a pathway for spiritual energy to go through. The chakras are in three steps. The first one is:

Crown Chakra: This is located at the top of our heads and it is considered as the gateway to the universe of our bodies. Its main work is to control what we think about and the way we respond to things surrounding us. It acts as the main source of our spirituality and the leader of our beliefs. It also acts as a connecter between us and other sources of universal energy and the truth. It is basically believed that when the crown is in balance our energies are also in balance. We are able to see things in the universe the way they are and we are unshaken by our setbacks as we believe in our minds that they are part and parcel of our day to day life.

The Brow Chakra: It is also known as the “the Third Eye”. It is the central point of our command and perception. It enables us to posses’ daily awareness of things in the world. It is able to balance the important and non- important data and sort out our impressions. Our consciousness is located here too. It directs the flow of energy in our bodies. When this type of chakra is in balance we are able to understand and see clearly. Our communications become very thoughtful and health. We are also able to acquire new ideas, see new visions and dreams. We are also able to have control over the flow of energy between all chakras.

The Heart Chakra: It is found in the centre of breastbone..It regulates the interaction of our bodies with the external world and controls what we resist and embrace as well. It also enables us understand our needs, the flow of emotions especially relationship [emotional and be able to accept any changes which might occur.

The Discovery of Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamonds are doubly terminated crystals which are found in Herkimer County in New York City. They are one of the most treasured diamonds due to their spiritual healings. The reason why Herkimer diamonds are considered as unique is due to its double hedged shape as shown in the picture below.


Herkimer Diamonds where not recently discovered. Mohawk Indians who settled in New York where the first people to find this treasured diamonds. The crystals where found along the stream sediments. This people took a lot of interest on these crystals and they kept them as powerful treasures.

Herkimer Diamonds Mines
There are some places in New York City along Route 28 in Middleville which have best Herkimer Diamonds. Collectors are allowed to collect some diamond crystals after paying a little fee. The locations rent their equipment such as hammers or wedges for drilling and removing the crystals. There is also exhibit area within the location which gives the collectors a privilege to collect a specimen.

Herkimer Diamonds Specimens
Someone may ask, why should you hunt Herkimer Diamonds?  The first reason is due to its prizes specimens which are sought by different collectors worldwide. Another reason is due to the fact that Herkimer Diamonds are used to produce jewellery due to their brilliant, beautiful and glittering natural facets. Some people also love these crystals due to their holistic qualities. If you happen to visit the area, you are required to wear outdoor cloths and most importantly gloves. One important thing that any collector should know is the fact that Herkimer Diamonds appear in cavities of a Falls Dolostone which comes after a significant amount of a broken rock.

Herkimer Diamond

Introduction to Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are a typical and powerful Quartz crystals found in Herkimer County, New York. They are transparent in nature with a brilliant sparkle which enables it to poses an amplifying spiritual energy. With the ability of being doubly terminated, Herkimer diamonds can transmit energies as well as receive the spiritual energy and amplify it intently. They are one of the hardest quartz which gives them the ability to be more durable and withstand any challenges. Due to its high quality and the rare existence, Herkimer diamonds cost is very high compared to other quartz crystals.Furthermore, they   are used as fine jewellery or even displayed in museums for example the Smithsonian.

Its Magical Uses

  • Herkimer diamonds are believed to foster the effectiveness of spells and bring changes especially those in their worst levels very fast.
  • They are used to enhance protection from diseases and bad omens and also any physical attacks.
  • They are used to foster astral projection as well as providing intense meditation and providing physical abilities
  • The phantoms are used to trace the ancient and Ahkashic history.
  • The rainbows are used as a symbol of love, happiness and light to all forms of spell

Bottom-line whether you appreciate the power of Herkimer diamonds and, their beauty and rarity makes them the most beautiful and brilliant treasures in the world.