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More about the Herkimer’s Color and its Difference from Real Diamonds

The first time you’d encounter Herkimer Quartz makes you think that it is really real diamond however once you compare it with the real one you’ll then think of your first impression twice. Although Herkimer quartz is not a true diamond but we should admit the fact that this stone could be a great alternative to those classy and expensive diamond stone. HD and real diamonds are really different from especially on their hardness however they are similar with regards to their facet numbers. Furthermore, below data’s could help you to distinguish a Herkimer Diamond from Real one.

  • Diamonds are the hardest minerals among its group with 10 on Mohs scale while Herkimer only has the hardness of 7 on Moh’s scale.
  • Diamonds are formed from elemental carbon while Herkimer’s formed from Dolomite limestone.
  • Diamonds are more expensive than of Herkimer Quartz.
  • Diamonds are mostly used as jewelry stone while Herkimer used on different ways including meditating stone, jewelry stone and even as a healing stone.

One of the best things which Herkimer is similar to diamonds is that it belongs to the group of quartz which is a mineral. This is maybe the reason why HD had close feature and appearance with diamonds.

Herkimer’s are in sizes between 2 cm to 4 cm although the clearest one is under 2 cm. On the other hand, some HD’s has a smoky or brownish color. The brownish color is due to micro amounts of carbon matter that is inside the crystal while the smoky color is the effect of radiation bombardment from an amount of uranium with some hydrocarbon materials. That color in HD happen only in some time (not all the time) after the crystal was formed thoroughly.


Knowing More about Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer Diamondsare one of those interesting and famous crystals among its group. For information, this crystal is totally not a real diamond although it resembles one. It is usually described as an alternative stone for diamonds since it has brilliant and water clear quartz features. With regards to its composition, this quartz is basically contained silicone dioxide which makes it tougher and harder upon scratching any glass. It is ideally shaped in a hexagonal formation that is double terminated with points on its ends. Furthermore, Herkimer’s formed and could be seen in a rock which is named as Dolomite limestone.
The mining of such stone’s today become popular in the industry because of its benefits and usefulness to the society. Years and years had passed until this rock was discovered particularly in Herkimer County, New York. Experts say’s that the formation of such stone happens for over hundred million years and the weathering and erosions by glaciers and water make it exposed and discovered by miners in the said country. Well, we should pay the compliment for those who discover such precious stone because without them we couldn’t possibly perfect the meditation process or even buy “cheap” diamond jewelry in the market.
Just recently online shopping and marketing become famous. Meanwhile, the sellers of Herkimer’s quartz turn its steps into online marketing. Yes, you could now easily purchase those stuff’s that is made out of this stone. You just only need to search throughout the net, find a credible and legit seller and then you have your HD jewelry that is perfect for a sophisticated party. Aside from doing a research on your own, ask some friends who could help you find the best stones among the rest in the market.

The Most Powerful, Useful and Beneficial Crystals in the Mining Industry

You might have accidentally visited an interesting site about crystals on its different types and specification and then you found out about the most powerful crystals among the rest which is called Herkimer Diamonds, well, let me share you more interesting ideas about this stone. Herkimer’s are not true diamonds but they have the clarity and the shape which diamond has that is why it is called Herkimer Diamond. Aside from its diamond-like feature, the name itself had been originated from the place which is found namely Herkimer County in New York, USA. Yes, these crystals dominated along the place and original HD comes within the said area.

The mining of such minerals or what we say quartz crystals are not that easy. In fact, most of its mining activity is done manually or by hand. A very tough process it is, however, the results are quite overwhelming. Herkimer’s are usually found inside a rock called dolomite. It is a very tough which means that miners will need machines and powerful tools upon removing. Inside the dolomite rock, HD could be seen and can easily be removed just using one’s bare hands.

Ideally, HD has a hardness of seven when you based on the Moh’s Scale. Its hardness makes it unique stone for all pieces of jewelry around the market. Jewelry with HD on it makes it more luxurious and classy just like some which have real diamonds as a stone. On the other hand, Herkimer’s is not only common as a jewelry stone, it is also used for some metaphysical activity and other physical activity which improves and assists the physical, emotional and spiritual health of an individual. All of its uses and benefits make it the most powerful crystals among its constituents.

Herkimer Diamond as a Chakra Stone

Herkimer Diamonds, a double terminated crystal that is short and thick. It is well- known to be the most powerful crystals among the rest. These crystals are capable of seeking a higher amount of energy which makes it perfect on healing using chakra and energy balancing. Other than that, Herkimer’s pureness and lightness enable to clear chakra and open the channel that allows the spiritual energy of the person to flow on it. Another thing which makes it the best crystals used as chakra is that is has a higher conscious attunement stimulator which is helpful on activating the Third Eye Chakras.

For those who doesn’t know what are Chakra’s, let me provide you a little review about this stones. Ideally, Chakra is used as a meditation stone which provides energy into one’s body. It is believed that the invisible energy which is produced by such stones is a vital energy force which keeps person healthy and alive at all times. Now, let me tell you about the seven Chakras in our spine.
• Muladhara: Chakra of stability, security and basic needs.
• Svadhisthana: Chakra of creativity and sexual center
• Manipura; Chakra of personal power.
• Anahata: Source of love and connection.
• Vishudda: Chakra of verbal expression.
• Ajna: The Third Eye Chakra
• Sahaswara: Chakra of enlightenment and spiritual connection.

Experts believe that HD contains the energy which allows Chakra to work effectively. Moreover, this crystal is a very effective tension reliever which then later allows you to focus during your meditation period. It could also help an individual to experience on what they call true “Divine Grace”. The uses of such do not only focus on the person’s spiritual but also on its physical health. It is very helpful for releasing and removing those toxins that are inside the human’s body.

Interesting Facts You’d Love to Know about Herkimer Diamonds

Quartz crystals are generally one of the most common minerals on the earth surface. More of its varieties and forms provide a beneficial effect to the entire human race. They are said to be unique in terms of its shapes and types. Most quartz crystals are usually found in a volcanic rock and are usually prismatic in shape with termination on its end. Herkimer Diamond is one of those naturally occurred quartz crystals that are in demand in today’s market scenario. For your information, HD is not real diamonds but they are water clear crystals which make them similar to a real one.

HD is dominant in the places which it was discovered, thus, original and real Herkimer stones came from the places which it originated including Herkimer County and New York. If you were not familiar with crystals, there might be a chance that can choose a real HD that is why, take extra careful on buying and choosing the right one.
Interesting Facts about Herkimer Diamonds
• HD is clear crystal, so better to choose the one which is the clearest appearance.
• Rainbows are refracted from its fractures of the stones.
• HD is usually natural faceted with almost 18 facets and 2 points.
• HD is discovered almost five hundred million years ago.
• True diamonds scales up to 10 while HD falls down for about 7.5 on a scale.
• A perfect HD is usually less than 1 inch long.
• A special HD is called enhydro crystals.
• HD is considered to be extremely beneficial for the eyesight and the other eye-related ailments.
• HD helps on facilitating and assisting memory recall.
• HD transmits energy of subtle harmony and accord.
• HD is considered to be one of the tools on traveling into the astral bodies.
• HD is effective on healing one person emotionally and physically.
• HD balance Chakra

Herkimer Diamonds to Your Meditation

Herkimer Diamond is known as double-terminated quartz crystals that were discovered around Herkimer County and New York. They have a clear resemblance to a real diamond because this crystal is indeed clear as water. Ideally, this stones is naturally has a very strong power which is maybe the reason why it is used in out of body travel and communication in the spiritual world. It also believed that HD provides help on connecting astral plane with the earth plane.

HD is also used as a meditating stone for those who wants to undergo meditation and healing. In fact, this is one of the great uses of this stone which later on increases its demand in the market and mining industry. On the other hand, the stones transparency and pure light manifestation are extremely useful for healing and aiding into the universal life force energy. According to a certain expert on Spiritual guidance and psychic advice, HD helps an individual to see their dreams and allow them to conquer any fears and doubts they might have to be able to reach the higher state of one’s consciousness. They believed that once a person overcomes it, fears cannot interrupt them.

Here are some of the benefits which HD could provide during your meditation
• Purifies the body and clear away pain
• Stimulates immunity
• Releases tension all over the body
• Rids body toxin
• Assists your mental stability
• Could bring a harmonious state in mind and soul
• Clear up one’s fear
• Brings out your positive outlook
• Provides angelic connection
• Helps with telepathic communication
• Could send and receive energy
Some also believe that putting an HD into your room and at home could provide you a positive energy, harmony and balance in your space. So whenever you wanted to release from stress and any negative energy, better to utilize Herkimer Diamonds right away!

Herkimer Diamond as a Jewelry Stone

Real diamonds are truly expensive, however, there is one alternative crystal which could be a replacement to that stone and experts calls it Herkimer Diamond. Although they are not really true diamonds but their features and its stones clarity resemble a real one. They become a natural gemstone alternative for those traditional diamond in the market that is used for jewelry such as rings, necklaces and more. Aside from that, this stone is easily available in some area which it dominates. It is double terminated quartz which means that it forms points on both ends of the crystal’s main body. Moreover, its outstanding quality and clarity make it become famous in the jewelry industry all over the world.

I think all of you would agree that jewelry with diamonds of it is truly a total investment but HD will surely restrict you from investing such amount. For adult gentlemen who is decided into proposing their loved ones, well, HD rings is one of a great choice. We all know how proposal and engagement rings can put sweetness and spice to some individuals who decides to upgrade their relationship right? Well, HD could never oblige you to put a lot of money for that kind of jewelry.

Aside from its classy features, HD could also be an effective metaphysical jewelry for those who use it. Knowing that HD possess a metaphysical healing property which emanates a high and harmonious energy that activates the quartz vibrational spectrum. Aside from that, the stone does not only broadcast its own energies but also picks up the frequency of some other stones. You see, HD is the stone which you truly wanted to have for your jewelry. So avail on your nearest and verified jewelry store and benefit from it.

The History: How and Where Do Herkimer Diamonds Came From

Herkimer Diamonds provides lots of benefits and uses into us. Learning all of those makes you think what does or how does or where do specialist’s discover this type of double-terminated quartz crystal. Well, there were some parts of this crystal stone history which surely you’d love to hear from this point.


HD diamonds are crystals which have an exceptional clarity that could resemble a true diamond. Experts describe it as a natural faceted crystal for about 18 total facets with a double termination point. This crystal is typically hexagonal in shape but is double terminated at every end. It was discovered in the places of Herkimer County, New York, and the Mohawk River Valley. In addition, HD was come and formed from the cavities of its host stone Cambrian-age, Little Falls Dolostone. Later on, the crystal then called in three different names including Middleville Diamond, Little Fall Diamonds, and the common one Herkimer Diamonds. Its names were in accordance with the places which it is discovered. Some features of this crystal were also discovered in the places of Arizona, Afghanistan, Norway, Ukraine, and China, although those were not verified as Herkimer. History stated that the discovery of these crystals happens after Mohawk Indians accidentally discover it in streams sediments and plowed fields in their area.

HD, on the other hand, is one of the popular stone for minerals enthusiasts and collectors. Due to its demand in the market, the mining of such crystals was totally widespread in the mining industry. Miners of this crystal believe that finding a real HD is really hard, but if only you have the knowledge on its features and specifications then finding could become easy on the other way. They were really small like crystals, so it might be really hard to find them if you don’t have enough knowledge and equipment on searching one.