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A Guide To Help You Shop Herkimer Diamond jewelry Confidently

If you want to buy a dazzling piece of Herkimer diamond jewelry, you need to identify a trustworthy jeweler or designer that can help you possess these beautiful quartz crystals without any hassles. A number of online stores are available that strive to offer beautiful, designer Herkimer diamond jewelry; however, it is crucial that you choose a store that offers exclusive jewelry that you would like to cherish for your life. Make sure you buy your Herkimer diamonds from a professional jeweler whom you can trust. Find a retailer with professional approach and an established reputation. Here is your guide to choose a Herkimer diamond jewelry store.


Some silent features of a Herkimer diamond jewelry store

  • Quality merchandize
  • Innovative and creative designs
  • Quality collection
  • Quality handmade pieces
  • Quality customer services
  • Replacement guarantee
  • Quality silver and gold settings
  • Direct purchases
  • Competitive prices
  • Reliable return policy
  • Privacy and Security

Whether you want to buy loose Herkimer diamonds or you plan to purchase creative, handmade Herkimer diamond jewelry, buying online is a good decision.

Some helpful tips on how to buy Herkimer diamond jewelry online.

Choose the right store: Make sure you choose a Herkimer diamond jewelry store that has a reputation. They should be able to offer you quality Herkimer diamonds at the most competitive prices. The designers should not compromise on the quality and they should have a long standing in the market. The store must follow codes of professional practices, which shows that they have reliable standards. If the jeweler is associated with any professional organization, this shows that they are among the most trustworthy and knowledgeable jewelers in the industry.

Ask for references: If a friend or colleague has bought Herkimer diamonds, ask him or her for references. This is the best way to find some jewelers that deal in Herkimer diamonds. You can easily make comparisons and choose a store.

herkimer jewelry

Go through testimonials: To check the reputation of the jeweler, make sure you go through the testimonials on their website. The testimonials will help you know about the experiences of the previous buyers and help you choose the best jeweler.

Return policy: While buying Herkimer diamonds online, ensure that the seller has clear return and refund policy to avoid any issues.

No middleman: Prefer to buy your Herkimer diamonds from a genuine store that sells directly rather than buying the crystal from any middleman. By dealing with the source directly, the stores save logistic charges and pass on their savings to the buyers in the form of discounts.

Huge variety: Make sure the store offers you a huge variety of Herkimer diamonds so that you can make comparisons and choose what you want to buy.

Secure and private payment gateway: If you have qualms about giving your personal financial details, make sure you choose a website that offers a secure payment gateway. They must offer surety that your information is secured and will not be shared with any third person.


Using these tips, you can easily buy Herkimer diamond online.


Reenergize your Mind and Body with Herkimer Diamonds


Although Herkimer diamond is not a real diamond but it is no less in its appeal and charm. It looks so attractive that often people fail to differentiate between the two stones and mistake it for diamond. Due to its much resemblance with original diamond, the quartz crystal is widely used in the jewelry. Its many facets reflect the light and produce sparkles that make it a great alternative to diamond, which is quite expensive. People who seek the same brilliance and sparkle as original diamond but cannot afford it often like to have Herkimer diamond jewelry, which is quite in trend these days. This replacement gem comes with many optical and metaphysical properties.

Herkimer diamond is a double terminated quartz crystal that is available in a variety of sizes and shapes. These crystals are mined from Herkimer County in New York. People often use these quartz crystals for healing, magic, meditation and spiritual practice. Besides jewelry lovers, the crystals are widely used by the mineral collectors, crystal therapists, etc for their holistic health properties. The Herkimer diamonds are not as hard as real diamonds but they do are brilliant when it comes to transparency and clarity. The Herkimer diamonds are a class in itself and they often have outstanding geometric form.

Each Herkimer diamond crystal has a unique personality. This doubly terminated stone make it a powerful tool that is extensively used for metaphysical purposes. It has similar properties as quartz but it enhances and multiplies these properties to many folds. Considered a potent balancing stone, the Herkimer diamond makes the emotional as well as physical energies in balanced form. It is essential that you adapt to its high vibrations before you use it. The crystal releases and discharges energy blockage within the aura and it is the reason that it is placed on energy centers-chakras. The Herkimer diamond is often used with other precious and semi precious gemstones, it boosts the performance of other gemstones. A crystal elixir made from Herkimer diamond helps in restoring and rejuvenating a week organism. People often put the stone in the spring water at night and drink it in the morning to derive the maximum benefits.

Herkimer diamond also helps in inner awakening, as it is an inspirational tool. It makes it easy to contact our spiritual levels of consciousness, ease inner tension and boost the creativity. By wearing Herkimer diamond jewelry, you can easily establish a feeling of overall well being and joy. You can even wear this crystal if your personal relationships are disrupted, the crystal will help you repair those relations and fix a number of other problems. You can also enhance your dream recall and establish healthy sense of self-acceptance and self-love. It helps you be more open to people around and love unconditionally. The clarity, charm and beauty of Herkimer diamonds help you implement the divine qualities. Herkimer diamonds are easily available online and they are quite inexpensive as compared to diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are clear and shiny and unlike diamonds, they do not need cutting and polishing.

Carry Herkimer Diamond For Luck and Good Health




If you are looking for a lucky charm, consider having a gemstone like Herkimer diamond that offers living energy and comes with an array of metaphysical and healing properties.

Herkimer diamond, a double faceted quartz crystal is the best option for all those who wish to be lucky and enjoy good health. The gemstone has always been known for carrying luck; however, the use of gemstone varies from person to person and from situation to situation. Herkimer diamonds are clear, transparent stones with brilliant sparkle that are high-energy seekers. They are known to be powerful amplifiers of spiritual energy. These exceptional healing crystals are used in meditation, vision work and dreams. Herkimer diamond is quite hard and this offers it durability and strength to handle difficult challenges that are beyond the scope of other crystals.


People often like to wear Herkimer diamond jewelry or they carry the stone around to bring luck in their endeavors, their professional and personal lives. The stone is believed to boost the relationships and make a person more successful in life. Known as attunement stone, the Herkimer diamond helps in attuning to another person or environment. Often the practitioners and the subject use the stone to attune with each other during healing process. The quartz crystal not only receives but also magnifies the influence of other stone and this is the reason that it is often worn along with other stones. The stones have crystal memory so accepting and retailing information for later use is possible. The stones can be programmed with thoughts of well-being, love or healing.

Due to its brilliance, clarity and high frequency, the Herkimer diamond stones facilitate the removal of debris and any energy blocks; thus stimulate healing. A beautiful crystal clears electromagnetic pollution, geopathic stress and radioactivity. Teachers of alternative therapies and spirituality often use Herkimer diamond, as it brings prosperity and positive attention. The stone stabilizes finances and helps one gain more stability. Often people use the stone for fighting pain. The stone is a powerful purifier that helps the body get rid of toxins. The crystal helps in preventing exhaustion and stimulates immune defenses. Often people use Herkimer diamond to support eyes and correct eyesight.

You can surely have a new beginning in your life with a Herkimer diamond ring or pendant. The stone clears the body-mind system of unconscious fears and repressions. Herkimer diamonds stimulate clairaudient and clairvoyant abilities and help in telepathic communication. The stone helps in recovering past life information and dream recall. The quartz crystal helps you break free of any financial crisis and difficult times. Herkimer diamond has the ability to turn the luck around and boost the chances of success.

You can keep the Herkimer diamond in your pocket or have them studded in any form of jewelry such as bracelet, pendent or ring to get their benefits. The quartz crystal is worth collection and available at affordable prices. You can get the stone in different sizes and designs.