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Herkimer Diamond-A Crystal You Will Simply Love

Herkimer Diamond

Whether you call it Herkimer Diamond or Silicon Dioxide, the popular quartz crystal is clear and transparent, which makes it an option for making jewelry. The crystal rates 8 on the hardness scale and is often used as a substitute of diamond. Found near Herkimer in New York county, US, Herkimer Diamond is often embedded in the airy matrix of limestone that has dolomite. The stones are naturally faceted with eighteen faces and two natural termination points. Due to its beautiful structure and hardness, the crystal is used in making jewelry. It has meta-physical properties, which make it a healing crystal. The ascension stone helps you attain spiritual powers while being in your physical body. These high vibration crystals enhance clairaudient abilities.

What Herkimer Diamond heals

If you plan to wear Herkimer diamond ring or pendant for healing purpose, you must know how it works and what it heals. Herkimer diamond is believed to store and lock energy and expand consciousness. It boosts creative thinking and imagination. It sparks brilliantly under lights, which makes it an excellent choice for jewelry making. The high-energy crystal that has tremendous energy. The stone regulates the body imbalance and sorts out life. They boost the clarity and the vision of dreams. Besides deflecting negative energy in weak willed people, the stone offers cheerfulness to sad and gloomy people. You can carry out your meditation and spiritual mission without any interference with this amazing stone.


How to select Herkimer Diamond for healing

If you want to select Herkimer diamond for healing purpose, you have to know certain things. Whether they are small or large, the double-terminated crystal is packed with huge energy. The large stone has inclusions and other attribute that affect its energy. The best way to remove the dull Herkimer diamonds from the best quality ones is rolling the stones back and forth under an intense light. The best quality stones reflect light and sparkle brilliantly, whereas, the poor quality stones look dull even under light.

How the Herkimer Diamond is used for healing

Herkimer diamond is sometimes used with an anchoring stone, as it has intense energy that can be quite disorienting at times. You can enhance the effect of healing by placing a Herkimer diamond with other crystals in your medicine box. The stone balances polarity and helps you achieve balance between home and work. If glued to a headband, the quartz crystal improves telepathy and boosts responsiveness. You can place the Herkimer diamond in sand and place in the center of the home to balance the yang and yin. It improves the Feng Shui affects.

Herkimer diamond in jewelry


Realizing the worth of Herkimer diamond and knowing that it is a cheaper alternative to diamonds, more people are investing in Herkimer diamond jewelry, which is often handmade using the finest quartz crystals. You can get rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings in Herkimer diamond. These jewelry pieces may help you avail the benefits of these stones of attunement. To enjoy the qualities and heal your body as well as soul, get Herkimer diamond jewelry today.





Know What Herkimer Diamond Can Do For You

Know What Herkimer Diamond Can Do For You


Do you have a Herkimer diamond ring or pendent in your collection? If not, then consider having it now. With its sparkling, transparent and clear look, it is simply impossible to resist this natural crystal, which has caught the attention of people and jewelry makers all over the world.

Herkimer diamond, a power stone, is a true birthstone for Libra and Scorpio. This double terminated quartz crystal is widely used in jewelry to create beautiful pieces that can be worn for its aesthetic appeal as well as its healing properties. Herkimer diamonds are magnificent natural crystals that are found in the rocks.

How Herkimer diamond is different from real diamond

What type of Quartz is considered as a diamond

Though Herkimer diamond rivals true diamonds; however, it is not a real diamond. It requires the diamond cutters to cut the diamonds and offer them smooth faces and geometrical shapes. The real diamonds are the hardest known substance and they score a ten on the hardness scale. The Herkimer diamonds are naturally faceted having two points and eighteen facets. These double terminated crystals rank 7.5 on the hardness scale. Being cheap, the Herkimer diamonds are a great alternative to the real diamonds.

Herkimer diamonds are power stones


The stone is known to possess powers that make it a healing crystal. The stone helps in balancing, healing, supporting and nourishing you. Having two poles, it balances the aura against the negative energies and stabilizes the heart chakra. Due to their positive energy, attunement qualities and a wide range of meta-physical properties, the Herkimer diamonds are worn by people for different reasons.

Benefits of wearing Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamonds are beautiful crystals that have beautiful spark and this is the reason that they are used in exclusive, fine jewelry. The Herkimer diamond rings, pendants, bracelets and earrings are often worn by people to beautify the body and reap many benefits offered by it. The stones amplify the spiritual power and they act as healing crystals that are used for meditation, vision and dream works. Often people use Herkimer diamonds for advance spiritual applications. The quartz crystal clears the body and mind system of the wearer. It helps the person focus while meditating. Herkimer diamond is one of the most charming quartz crystals. The stone has the ability to transmit its powers on own and amplify it. Being hardest stone, the crystal offers strength and durability to handle all sorts of challenges that cannot be handled by other quartz gemstones.

Herkimer diamond is referred as Attunement Stone that helps the wearer attune to the surrounding environment, persons or a group. It helps in healing situations when two individuals do not go well. The stone helps in bringing them together and form teams or build healthy relationships. The crystal has the ability to receive and magnify the power of the other talisman. When worn with other stones, it enhances the strength of the larger stones. The high frequency, clarity and brilliance of the Herkimer diamond heals the environments by removing the energy blocks and stimulating healing. Get a beautiful Herkimer diamond pendant or a ring to avail all the amazing benefits of the stone.