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Stimulate Your Psychic Abilities With Herkimer Diamond


If you are familiar with the gemstone market, you must have heard about Herkimer diamonds, which are quartz crystals. Herkimer diamonds are gaining popularity all over the world due to their rare beauty, excellent metaphysical properties and affordability. Though not a real diamond, Herkimer diamond is widely used in jewelry due to its brilliance, shine and clarity as well as the cost-effective nature. Whether you want a wedding ring or an engagement ring, you can get a Herkimer diamond ring at the fraction of the cost of real diamond ring.
Herkimer Diamond-definition
Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals that are double terminated with 18 facets like diamonds. The crystals are clear, transparent and brilliant, which make them a brilliant choice for jewelry. Herkimer diamond is hard and rated 7.5 on the Mohs scale, which makes it harder than other quartz crystals but softer than the real diamonds, which rate 10 on the scale. The Herkimer diamonds are made of silicon dioxide and they have no inclusions. Unlike real diamonds, the quartz crystals are colorless or white.
Meta-physical properties and uses of Herkimer Diamonds
Herkimer diamond stone has some amazing meta-physical properties that make it a highly useful stone. These stones stimulate psychic abilities and promote healing. The stone, when worn in the form of jewelry, reduces stress and tension; thus boosts positive energy. You can have better communication. If worn with other gemstones, it enhances their powers and amplify their effects.
Improve health and meditation: When worn in the form of pendants, bracelets or rings, the stone helps in balancing the emotions and the body. Often people believe that Herkimer diamond boosts the immune system and increases the energy levels. It improves the general health and removes toxins from the body. When it detoxifies the body, it leads to general well being of the wearer. The vibrations emitted by the quartz crystal reach higher and it promotes spiritual healing. People who meditate while wearing Herkimer diamond jewelry often have different experiences.
Attunement: Herkimer diamond is popularly called attunement stone that sharpens the senses and helps in connecting the wearer spiritually. The healers, psychologists and counselors to tune with the clients and it offer them effective treatments often use the quartz crystal. It improves the personal experience along with enhancing one’s aura. The crystal removes all the negative energies and de-stresses one. The stone has much more than aesthetic beauty to offer. If worn in a beautiful design, the Herkimer diamond enhances the beauty as well as improves the quality of life.
Improve relationships: Another benefit of wearing Herkimer diamond is that it improves the relationships. If worn by a couple as an engagement ring or wedding ring, the stone improves the relationships, understanding and affection. The stone attunes two people and their feelings so that they have better understanding of each other and they value each other in their lives. The stone has a power that makes it worth a collection.
Realizing the Herkimer diamond value, designers at Herkimer Diamond Quartz offer exclusive Herkimer diamond jewelry online. You can the jewelry customized to your need. Wear these raw stones to tap their potential and improve your life as well as relationships.


Herkimer Diamond-Properties and Uses

herkimer diamond  use and properties

Besides diamonds and other precious stones, some of the gemstones and crystals are also extensively used in jewelry these days. The crystals and semi-precious stones are available in an array of settings including hemp string and wire. Herkimer diamond (Silicon Dioxide) is a pseudo diamond that is mined from Dolostone in New York County. It is known as diamond because of its sparkling, transparent appearance, and hardness. The people all over the world admire Herkimer diamond, which is double terminated crystal. It is naturally faceted with two termination points and eighteen faces, so it needs not to be cut into different shapes.


Herkimer diamond has amazing healing properties due to which it is used in jewelry. The stone increases creative thinking and imagination. The stone of attunement has the ability to re-align other structures that have imperfections. The crystal enhances the vision and clarity of dreams. It is worn because it helps in relieving the tension and producing peaceful atmosphere. The crystal is believed to increase psychic experiences. The stone is great for meditation, as it helps the wearer experience divine grace. The crystal helps in clearing mind and body of impurities, repressions and unconscious fears. Due to its perky energy, it helps in bringing cheer and happiness to any gloomy person’s life. It helps in removing toxins from the body. The stone is often worn along with other crystals and gemstones to enhance or amplify their energies. The stone helps in creating balance at work, home and improving the relationships. It induces good health and strengthens the aura against negative feelings.

How to select Herkimer for healing

If you intend to buy Herkimer diamond for healing purposes, you need to look for the quartz crystal that is clear and that has good energy. Big Herkimer diamond often has inclusions, concussions and other attributes that make it a bad choice for refined energy work. The quality Herkimer diamonds sparkle when you place on your hand and roll under light. Using this trick, you can remove the dull stones from the most brilliant ones.


The Herkimer diamond jewelry is worn, as it is considered to balance the right and left hemisphere. It promotes creativity and logic. Besides stimulating inspiration and creativity, the quartz crystal connects to wisdom and truth. It offers clarity of thought and offers peace of mind. The Herkimer diamond radiates bright light besides having clarity and luster, which make it perfect for jewelry. If you meditate with these crystals, they bring clarity of mind as well as spirit. The quartz crystal brings physical, emotional and spiritual balance. They have double terminated quartz that extracts negative energy and pulls positive energy.

You can wear Herkimer diamond ring or pendent to attune yourself to your surroundings, new energies and others. They are even used for performing Reiki attunement. Being a powerful elixir, the Herkimer diamond crystals purge pollutants, toxicity and heavy metals from different body organs such as kidneys, blood, etc. It relieves one from depression and anxiety besides amplifying brain functions and boosting memory recovery.

Cleaning Your Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer diamond


If you have Herkimer diamond jewelry, you must know how to clean it. Herkimer diamond is a double terminated quartz crystal that needs care and your love. You need to remove unwanted dirt and other substances from the surface of the crystal. By clearing the stone, you can get rid of the negative energies that the stone often picks from the environment.

Tips to clean your Herkimer diamonds

Herkimer diamond is a hard crystal, so it can be easily washed with water. You can clean the stone using mild soap or a specialized cleaning solution. You must follow the instructions on the cleaning solution and use it accordingly. You should not use chemical cleaners to clean the crystal, as it will lose its shine.

Oxalic acid:

At many mines, the crystal is often cleaned with oxalic acid to remove iron stains. Oxalic acid is easily available at the drug stores. You need to dilute the oxalic acid with fresh water. This solution will help you remove iron oxide from the crystal. After cleaning the quartz crystal in the acid, you must wash it thoroughly with water.

Hydrochloric acid:

Another way to clean your Herkimer diamond is washing it with hydrochloric acid, which easily removes the white crust on the stone. Hydrochloric acid is easily available in the drug stores. You need to soak the stone in the acid until the bubbling stops. Rinse the quartz crystal with cool water and dry it with soft, dry cloth.

Like any other handmade jewelry, Herkimer diamond jewelry also needs care and attention.

Tips to protect your quartz crystal

  • Always keep your Herkimer diamond jewelry in soft case to avoid banging, scratching, etc
  • Clean the Herkimer diamond with soft cloth after wearing to remove any dust, makeup, oils, etc
  • Do not expose the jewelry to any chemicals
  • Avoid wearing your Herkimer diamond jewelry in swimming pool, hot tubs, intense sunlight and extreme temperature
  • Remove jewelry while doing household chores such as washing dishes, cleaning, gardening, bathing, etc
  • Clean jewelry with mild sudsy water, rinse and pat dry with soft cloth before storing. Also, ensure the jewelry does not have any moisture
  • Keep the jewelry in a cloth or a re-closable bag wrapped in anti-tarnish paper

Herkimer diamond may not be as hard as the real diamond, but it is surely a beautiful alternative to diamond. It is easy to clean and maintain. The Herkimer diamond is mined from the Herkimer County, New York and the Mohawk valley. The quartz crystal is naturally faceted and double terminated so it need not cut. The Herkimer diamond is studded in different metals to create beautiful jewelry, which is handmade. To ensure your delicate jewelry last for longer, you need to take care of it and keep it safely. Though Herkimer diamond rings and pendants are made to wear in routine, however, a little bit of care can go a long way to preserve the shine of the Herkimer diamonds.

Symbolize Your Life Long Commitment With Herkimer Diamond


If you are getting engaged or you want to show your commitment to the love of your life, you need not buy a diamond ring. Often people think buying diamond engagement ring is an ancient tradition and they spend a huge amount of money on buying diamonds, in fact, it is not true. You need not break your bank to show your love to your soul mate and announce your commitment. You can use many alternatives to your diamond and Herkimer diamond is one of such precious stone that looks equally stunning in any metal and that represents your true feelings to your would-be spouse. Like diamonds, the Herkimer diamonds are natural and they are mined from Herkimer county, New York. Herkimer diamond ring looks equally exotic and exclusive but it comes at a fraction of the cost of real diamond.

Herkimer diamond is a double terminated quartz crystal found in the dolostone in and around Mohawk river valley. The crystal ranks high on the hardness scale; thus, it is equally good as diamond and is widely replacing diamond in engagement and wedding jewelry. It has 18 facets and two terminals, this makes the crystal sought after. Being clear and transparent, Herkimer diamond sparkles well and looks exactly like a diamond. The crystal can be cut into different shapes or they can be used as it is to create beautiful jewelry pieces. Herkimer diamond jewelry is not only popular because of its beauty and grace but for its magical properties.

It is usually believed that Herkimer diamond boosts the effectiveness of other gems. It brings positive change in the wearer’s life and it is often used to increase power. It has many meta-physical properties that make it protect the wearer from illnesses and psychic attacks. People wear Herkimer diamond pendent or rings while meditating as it has attuning properties. Because of this property, the crystal is also known as stone of attunement. Many couples like to exchange Herkimer diamond rings, as they believe that it will attune their relationship and make them have better understanding of each other.

Herkimer diamond is also known as stone of rebirth, as it helps in beginning the spiritual journey and making new starts. It helps the wearer accept own self whether it is positive or negative. By wearing the crystal, you can get ‘in-touch’ with own essential being and experience harmony and calm. Herkimer diamond helps one get out of rut and enhance spontaneity and awareness. Besides self-development, the quartz crystal helps the wearer enter a relaxed state and get relief from tension. You can attune your energy with other person or their environment. If you are entering a new home environment or a new home, the stone helps you become a great companion. It can also enhance your chairvoyant abilities and helps in dream recall. It is useful in boosting the physical stamina and energy levels.

Get beautiful Herkimer diamond jewelry for your love or present it to someone special on any special occasion. If you need to cheer your life and enjoy every moment, wear a stunning Herkimer diamond ring.