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Guide To Official Gemstone of Georgia-Herkimer Diamond

Though Herkimer diamond has been a popular quartz crystal for ages, many people still do not know much about the stone. Due to its hardness and excellent appeal, the jewelry designers are experimenting with the stone to create beautiful designs that are attractive as well as affordable. Herkimer diamond, which is used extensively in jewelry now days, is an unblemished crystal with its strong healing properties. People wear this double terminated quartz because it restores body and mind due to its extraordinary clearness. Herkimer diamond has naturally faceted ends that make it a perfect stone for intricate jewelry, especially wedding and enjoyment jewelry.


Composition and History of Herkimer Diamond
Herkimer diamond is a quartz crystal available in transparent as well as opaque forms. This double terminated crystal has two naturally faceted ends and this rare crystal is found free-floating in pockets of clay. Due to its two faceted ends, energy flows to both directions in the gem, which boosts its power and it heals the body. Most of the Herkimer diamonds have eighteen faces and six triangular faces form the termination points on each end of the crystal. It is difficult to duplicate the precision of the natural stone.
The crystal is formed from dolomite limestone, which submerged millions of years ago. With time, the silicon infused ground water seeped into the cracks of the dolomite rock and the Herkimer diamonds were formed due to high heat and pressure. The Mohawk settlers in Herkimer, New York discovered the crystal in early nineteenth century and since then the crystals are used in different forms and for different reasons.
Features of Herkimer diamond
The Mohawk tribal people started recognizing the power of the crystal and they were even known as people of crystals. The quartz crystal is believed to energize as well as stabilize the body and aura. It amplifies the therapeutic properties of other crystals; therefore, usually worn with other crystals. It is found that the crystal improves the immune system and inspires serenity and compassion. Because the quartz crystal helps the wearer become accustomed to surroundings and new people, it is popularly called the ‘stone of attunement’. People often buy Herkimer diamonds to keep them in their offices, as it helps them gain prosperity and stabilize finances. Due to its therapeutic qualities, the quartz crystal is used as a pain reliever. It is believed to disperse positive energy when placed in a window. Herkimer diamond is the official gemstone of Georgia and an affordable alternative to diamond, which is the birthstone for April. It resembles the sparkling clarity of diamonds and is also hard enough to be used in jewelry; therefore, the stone is widely used in creating stylish jewelry items such as Herkimer diamond rings, pendants, earrings, etc. Herkimer diamond jewelry is available online and you can even get your jewelry customized to meet your need and style. Whether you want Herkimer diamond for its rarity, beauty, or metaphysical properties, make sure you always buy it from a reliable source and get the pure Herkimer diamond.


Herkimer Diamond Engagement Rings And Their Significance

Often people wear wedding and engagement ring ceremonially without understanding the meaning of these items of jewelry. Engagement and wedding bands are worn symbolically and they are given with love and integrity. The value of engagement ring is not determined by the price but by the emotions and promises that are conveyed by these beautiful rings. A wedding band symbolizes love, honor, fidelity, commitment, and eternity. Herkimer diamond engagement rings are quite popular because of their elegance and affordability. Herkimer diamond, a quartz crystal, has the same appeal, shine, and hardness as diamond, so it is one of the most common alternatives to expensive diamond.

engagement ring
History of wedding and engagement bands

The wedding bands have a long history that dates back to centuries and shared by many nations. The wedding bands originated in Egypt to represent immortal love. The ring is worn in the ring finger, as it is believed to have a vein that directly reaches heart. Like Egyptians, the Romans also respected the meaning of the wedding and engagement rings. Even Europeans gave these rings, as a promise. The engagement rings were the gift of Greeks who use variety of precious metals and gems to create beautiful rings.

Why a Herkimer diamond ring

By giving a Herkimer diamond engagement ring to your beloved, you can easily convey your deep emotions of eternal love and make your partner feel special and desired. You commit to happiness, commitment, and togetherness. The ring is a circle that has no break and no beginning, so it symbolizes that the love goes on and on and is eternal. Herkimer diamond jewelry is the best gift that you can give your future husband or wife. Herkimer diamond is one of the hardest quartz crystals that is double terminated and can be cut and shaped as you like. The Herkimer diamond rings come in a variety of designs, which make them really attractive and desirable.
Herkimer diamond is often used in the raw form to create amazing engagement rings or wedding rings. The value of Herkimer diamond cannot be ignored. It may not be as expensive as real diamond, but it is known as stone of attunement, which means it attunes the feelings and emotions of two people who are bond in a lovely relationship. They have metaphysical properties that make them have positive effect on the wearer and help him gain better insight into the relationships. The Herkimer diamond is worn for its healing properties.
If you plan to tie a knot and enter an eternal relationship, Herkimer diamond ring is just for you. It can be the perfect gift for your loved one. It enlightens the heart and strengthens your relationship with your life partner. Herkimer diamond pendent or ring is an amazing gift that your spouse would cherish for life. This is the best way to express your feelings to your partner and show your commitment and loyalty towards the relationship that you share with your partner. You can get a beautiful Herkimer diamond ring online or get a ring customized according to your taste and preference.

Benefits Of Attuning Your Vibrations With Herkimer Diamonds

img-thingIf you are on a spiritual journey and looking for enlightenment, you can use crystals, which help in healing,protecting, connecting with oneself during meditation and embodying as much you desire. Crystals such as Herkimer diamonds are found in nature and they are considered to have solidified light that releases high vibrations. Herkimer diamond is found to be the best crystal for spiritual development. These brilliant, sparking quartz crystals are mined from Herkimer County in New York. These double terminated crystals are harder as compared to other crystals.

Herkimer diamond, a stout quartz crystal
has incredible clarity due to which, it is used as an alternative to diamond in a variety of jewelries. It is an extraordinary stone that helps one stay focused during a complex task or while meditating. These fine crystals are powerful healers, as they clear all the negativity and balance the energy. It helps the wearer protect himself while working with people with negative energies. If you are a dream worker, you will find these stones excellent, as the Herkimer diamonds help in remembering the dreams as well as empowering any intensions set before dreaming. The stone is extremely helpful, if you are looking forward to seek guidance during the dreamtime.

Having exceptional metaphysical properties, Herkimer diamonds empower stones and intensions. By attuning your vibrations with the crystal, you can strengthen your relationships and progress in your career. Set your intensions and let the Herkimer diamond empower those intensions. People often write their intensions on paper and keep it with their Herkimer diamond to get the desired results. Due to the versatility of the crystal, they make good allies. They inspire you and help in transformation.

The Herkimer diamond is a beautiful clear crystal that often has air bubbles, rainbow inclusions, hydro water inclusions, and carbon deposits. It is believed that the vibrations emitted by the stone reaches the highest spectrums. It brings light into the body and promotes spiritual healing. People often have beautiful experiences while meditating with Herkimer diamond. Being an attunement stone, Herkimer diamond sharpens the psychic senses and helps an individual connect with his soul and spiritual planes. You can easily tune into the energies of people around you and your environment by using the crystal. The stone is used by psychologists, healers, and counselor to promote healing and tune with the energies of the clients or individuals they work with. People often wear Herkimer diamond jewelry such as pendants, rings, and bracelets to purify their aura, emotional body, and personal environment. The stone clears the energy blocks and helps you shed old emotions. It detoxifies the physical body and clears stress and negative energies that disturb your energies at your workplace or at home.

Herkimer diamond is used in place of diamonds because of their exceptional qualities and properties; moreover, these quartz crystals are more affordable and economical. Rather than spending too much on diamond engagement and wedding rings, you can have Herkimer diamond engagement rings, which help you attune with your partner and build up strong relationships.



Different Types of Herkimer Diamond Ring Settings

Are you planning to buy a beautiful Herkimer diamond ring? Are you confused about choosing the right ring setting? If you are not able to decide whether you should buy a halo, prong, or pave ring, this blog will help you make the right decision. We understand that most of the buyers often do not know much about the terminology involved in buying diamonds or crystals, so we bring you an explanation of different types of ring settings so that you can easily pick the right one for you.Diamond Ring

Prong Setting and solitaire setting: The prong setting is one of the most common and popular ring settings. A prong is defined as a little metal claw that holds the Herkimer diamond tightly so that it does not move. The prongs are often round, flat, V-shaped, or pointed. The V-shaped prong is commonly used for princess cut diamonds. The prong settings often have four or six prongs. This setting displays more of diamonds and has minimum metal. As more light passes through the diamond, so it gives a brilliant effect. Make sure you get a Herkimer diamond ring that has lower set prong setting, as a high set prong can snag your clothes and other materials. The most common prong setting is solitaire setting that features one diamond or quartz crystal.

Bezel Setting: Another popular Herkimer diamond ring setting is Bezel setting. It offers a modern look and suits the active lifestyle. Unlike prongs, the bezel setting encircles the gemstone with a thin metal rim, which is custom made to hold the stone tightly. It can be partial or complete. It protects the stone and keeps it tightly held, so ideal for active people.

Tiffany Setting: The Tiffany setting is a popular setting that is mostly used in the Herkimer diamond engagement rings. A six-prong setting is used to maximize the reflection of light. This prong is set on a plain band and the knife-edge of its shaft and the design of the prongs characterize the setting. Due to six prongs, the diamond is held tightly, so there is no fear of losing the precious stone.

Tension setting: The tension setting uses compression to hold the diamond in place. The Herkimer diamond appears suspended between the two sides of the shank. It is a secure setting, as they use prong or bezel setting on the side or below the diamond to hold the Herkimer diamond firmly.

Channel setting: In this setting, the small Herkimer diamonds are securely set in a row into the band of ring in different metals. The stones are set closely together into the grooves of the channel and they decorate the sides of the band. It is a popular wedding band setting.

Pave setting or bead setting: In this setting, the Herkimer diamonds are closely set together with minimal visibility of the metal beads or prongs that hold the stones. You get a continuous sparkling effect. For this setting, the holes are drilled into the ring and crystals are placed into the holes.

Halo Setting: In Halo settings, the Herkimer diamonds are placed in a concentric circle or square around a central Herkimer diamond. This setting helps you save money and still have a sparkling overall appearance. Halo setting can have colored stones to have a great look.

Besides these settings, there are many other settings that you can use to have beautifully designed Herkimer diamond rings.