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Creating Your Perfect Diamond Look with Herkimer Diamonds

beautiful_diamond_on_black_background_by_mrangrydog-d8mb846Are you looking for stunning jewelry to match with your party dress or your office attire? Consider creating a perfect diamond look with stunning, brilliant Herkimer diamond jewelry. Herkimer diamonds, transparent, double terminated crystals, are perfect for someone whom you love, as the white light that emerges out of the stone exudes love. It reflects the light of your heart and helps you express your love and affection for someone who is extra special for you. While being immersed in the frequencies of this amazing crystal, you will become aware of higher forms of energies and tune into your conscious at deeper levels.

Herkimer diamonds are a class in itself, and like real diamonds, they are extra ordinary. These double-terminated clear quartz crystals come in hexagonal shape, which distinguishes it from other crystals. The crystal is vastly used in the jewelry these days due to the unusual quality of light reflected by these stones. The crystal may not be as hard as real diamonds; however, the light reflected by these crystals is energetic and brilliant. The stones are believed to be created in sedimentary rocks under intense heat and pressure millions of years ago. Because of their extra ordinary qualities and meta-physical facilities, the crystals are used in conjunction with spiritual works. Being stone of attunement, the Herkimer diamonds improve relationships; therefore, they are used in engagement and wedding rings.  The Herkimer diamond enhances everything that happens in the dream state and offers access to higher spiritual realms.

If you are planning to buy Herkimer diamonds and create perfect diamond look, consider buying clear Herkimer diamonds that have high value. The flawless Herkimer diamonds are God-like and precious; as they help you identify your own value. The Herkimer diamond jewelry induces joy, which is priceless. By wearing Herkimer diamond, you not only grow closer to your loved ones, but also gain self-consciousness. You connect to your own self and realize your worth. Herkimer diamonds are effective in enhancing everything that you see in dreams. When you sleep with Herkimer with you, you can easily remember your dreams and the quality of your dreams improves. Even the content of your night visions improve drastically. They, in fact, make the dream more meaningful. Your jewelry collection is incomplete without a Herkimer diamond earrings or rings. These diamonds are worth because they are beautiful and mesmerizing.

The best source of Herkimer diamonds is Herkimer County, New York, where the crystal is mined and supplied to other parts of the world. Besides metaphysical properties, the Herkimer diamonds have amazing scientific properties, so they covert one form of energy into another. The crystal releases energy in the form of electrical voltage and heat when pressure us applied on these crystals. Get these stunningly beautiful Herkimer diamonds to bring joy and love to your life. Check out the artistic collection of Herkimer diamond jewelry at Herkimer Diamond Quartz. You can even get your jewelry customized to suit your needs. Whether you love the sparkling look of Herkimer diamond or its mystical, magical properties, you can always have it in different forms of jewelry.


Frame Your Love With An Elegant Diamond Halo Design

Faberge-Beautiful-diamond-ringsAre you gearing up for your engagement or wedding and looking for a stylish, celebrity type large diamond rings, consider elegant diamond halo design rings, which are epitome of love and elegance. If you are interested in vintage and antique designs, halo design is for you and recently it has emerged as one of the most popular ring designs. The jewelry stores offer a large variety of halo designs in different styles and finishes. Anything that can appeal women after a timeless solitaire is halo design rings, which look brilliant, stylish, yet elegant. If you have lesser budget, but still want to own halo design ring, then the best option is Herkimer diamond halo design ring.

Herkimer diamond is a double terminated quartz crystal that is usually mined from Herkimer County in New York. This brilliant crystal is almost as hard as diamond and equally shiny and transparent. The crystal needs nit cut as it comes with natural cuts. Since the Victorian era, the halo designs have been quite popular and are available in one form or other. The halo designs have been adopted and modified since generations to suit the latest bridal looks and made stylish. The halo design rings are a current trend and bound to last. Unlike other designs, the halo design does not go out of style. The design is almost timeless. Herkimer diamond rings have become quite popular no a days due to their brilliance, elegance and affordability. The Herkimer diamond value cannot be determined only by the cut, carat and clarity, but by the meta-physical properties that it offers.

Herkimer diamond is called the stone of attunement, so if worn by a couple, it enhances their feelings for each other and encourages bonding and understanding. You will love the Herkimer diamond in halo design for its healing properties and capabilities to promote good health. The cost of Herkimer diamond ring is quite less as compared to the traditional diamond and the solitaires. You can easily afford these rings, which are often available in sterling silver. While looking for perfect halo in Herkimer diamond, you need to consider certain factors. Make sure you choose a halo shape that suits you. You can consider buying a round Herkimer or hexagonal halo that brings unique finish to your ring.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz offers a huge variety of Herkimer diamond rings in halo designs. These rings can be worn in daily routine. Our rings are known for superior craftsmanship and designs. You can get your Herkimer diamond engagement rings customized to suit your needs. The Herkimer diamond in the center of your halo design will draw the attention of everyone. It is not possible for everyone to afford a celebrity-like big diamond engagement ring, so one can easily get halo setting in replica engagement rings that have bolder and bigger looks. Herkimer diamond rings are excellent option that makes it possible to have exclusively designed rings. Check out our collection to own your favorite halo design ring today!

Fine Jewelry Design and Antique Jewelry by Herkimer diamonds

diamonds_setIf you love wearing jewelry, especially diamond stud earring, then you need not wait for someone special to gift you. You can easily get fine jewelry online these days to please yourself and gift yourself. Buying jewelry for self can be quite empowering and boosting for any woman. Whether you had a bad day or a good one, you can reward yourself by buying Herkimer diamond for yourself. You can surely get a piece that easily fits in your wardrobe and enhances your lifestyle. At Herkimer Diamond Quartz you can get beautiful, fine Herkimer diamond jewelry that suits your budget. Your purchase will make you feel proud and thrill you for years to come. Whether it is a Herkimer diamond ring, a diamond stud earring, or a gemstone pendant, you can get jewelry pieces to suit your personality and reflect your style.

Before you set out to buy fine jewelry design or antique jewelry, it is crucial that you determine your personal style. This will help you choose something that matches with your style. Whether you have a formal work wardrobe or casual collection, you can have Herkimer diamond jewelry for every style. You can wear your favorite diamond stud earring to a cocktail, an opera, or a lunch on your weekends. Whether you like sporty and minimalist look or frilly, feminine collection, Herkimer diamond is for everyone. You can have Herkimer diamond ring that you can wear with what you wear. Herkimer diamond is a tough crystal so you can wear it every day or occasionally, as you like.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz offers beautiful collection of fine jewelry that is clean and minimal. Their pieces are made to fit all attires all days of the week. The Herkimer diamond is a great alternative to traditional diamond because it looks brilliant, hard like diamond, but less expensive as compared the diamonds. That does not mean Herkimer diamond value is less; it is a fine crystal with a number of metaphysical properties. Herkimer diamond ring is used as an engagement or wedding ring because it is known as gemstone of attunement. It is even often given to students to attune them to the instructor. The Herkimer diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal that does not require cutting and polishing like real diamond. It is naturally vibrant, faceted, and sparkling. Like other quartz crystals, the Herkimer diamond can convert one form of energy into another. They amplify the healing abilities of other gemstones; therefore, used in jewelry with other gems.

Get Herkimer diamond stud earring or a ring to enhance your creative as well as artistic abilities. The crystal creates auric field, which stabilizes and protects you from outside forces. This powerful stone will not only make you adorn yourself, but also helps you stay healthy and secure. Choose something classy, colorful, and bold while buying Herkimer diamond jewelry. By investing in Herkimer diamond, you can have beautiful, antique jewelry for you that you can use for years to come. Check out our collection to get stunning pieces at the best prices.

True love is ever sure, everlasting and ever strong.. with Herkimer Diamonds

DiamondNothing can define love more than diamonds and Herkimer diamond is the best alternative for diamond, as it has same physical and meta-physical properties. Diamond is considered to have the beauty of all the gems and pure like dewdrops. When the light rays pass through the diamond, it splits into all the colors, which make this stone much cherished and desirable. Like diamonds, the Herkimer diamonds enhance the inner vision and stimulate imagination, creativity, and ingenuity. It encourages psychic development and it is a tool for telepathic communication. It has spiritual power and it offers strength due to its hardness. Herkimer diamond is found in the Herkimer County in New York where it is mined in large quantities. It strongly magnifies the qualities of the other crystals and promotes healing.

Herkimer diamond ring is a beautiful gift that is often a symbol of fidelity and love.  Herkimer is a love bearing crystal; therefore, it is used in engagement and wedding rings these days. If you are looking for a non-diamond alternative that looks exactly like a diamond, then Herkimer diamond is for you, which offers the same sophisticated look, grace and class without spending too much. Herkimer diamond is natural, inexpensive gemstone that is mined without any conflict in upstate New York. Due to its so much resemblance with the real diamond, it is often difficult to differentiate between a Herkimer diamond ring and a traditional diamond ring. By having Herkimer diamond studded in gold or silver, you can have a beautiful ring that will last lifetime.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz brings an exciting range of rings, earrings, bracelets, and pendants. Their collection of Herkimer diamond rings is popular for their grace and stunning designs. The Herkimer diamond jewelry is handmade and made in quality tarnish resistant sterling silver. The rings have multiple prongs to hold the diamond securely in place. The Herkimer diamonds used in these rings and earrings are natural and guaranteed to be free of any treatment. You can even get your Herkimer diamond ring customized to meet your needs.

Besides Herkimer diamond ring, you can also gift diamond stud earring, which look elegant and stylish. Herkimer Diamond Quartz stock a variety of diamond stud earrings that contain Herkimer diamond in different grades ranging from AA+ to C grade. You can get one that suits your requirements as well as budget. You can have these double terminated quartz crystal cut into gems to be used in jewelry. The Herkimer diamond is cut in different shapes and sizes according to the requirement of the jewelry design. It is almost as hard as traditional diamond and therefore can be used for industrial use, especially for cutting and polishing. Herkimer diamond is often used for metaphysical use because the natural shaped diamonds strengthen and harmonize the energies that move through them.

You can buy jewelry depending on herkimer diamond value, size, cut, and color. These diamonds can be studded in a variety of metals to create beautiful jewelry. People often get their Herkimer diamond ring or pendants customized to their needs.