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Sense the feeling of being in love by Herkimer diamond

diamond-mountDiamonds are forever and they represent pure love and affection. If you are in love and want to accentuate this sense of being in love, consider gifting Herkimer diamond ring as a gift to your loved one. Diamond is believed to strengthen and stabilize a relationship between two lovers. To keep a relationship fresh and alive, you share feelings, emotions, secrets and various other things. The gift that you choose to give your spouse or any loved one on any special occasion must help you express your express your feelings and love. Herkimer diamond is a great option for you if you want to give jewelry that is not as expensive as the real diamonds, but is equally good in strengthening the relationships. Herkimer diamond gives you feel of diamond at much lesser price.

Choosing a gift for the special woman in your life can be challenging for you, if you are not good at buying gifts. One gift that you can always buy is diamonds, which bring pleasing reaction from your partner. Diamonds are forever and considered a girl’s best friend, so, whether you want to buy gift for your sister, mother, wife, or girl friend, you can always get diamond jewelry. She will surely appreciate your efforts of choosing a jewelry piece for her and your feelings. The jewelry will make her feel extra special and cherished individual. With their uniqueness Herkimer diamond infuses new life in the relationship, so look for a classic Herkimer diamond ring if you want to make her feel special. Often people compare loose diamond vs jewelry and get confused what they should buy. If you buy loose Herkimer diamonds, they can be a great gift. The Herkimer diamond is believed to have a number of holistic properties, so if one keeps the crystal with him or her, it is believed to improve relations as well as health. The doubly terminated quartz crystals keep many diseases away and help you create beautiful relations with your loved ones.

Due to numerous qualities, the Herkimer diamond is often made in different metals including gold, silver and platinum. You can have exquisite Herkimer diamond jewelry including necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, etc. beautiful handmade Herkimer diamond jewelry is available online these days, so you can easily buy the selected jewelry at the most competitive prices. Check out the variety to choose the item that you like the most and get it delivered to your address anywhere in the world. Some Herkimer diamond online stores also offer the services of customizing the jewelry according to your needs. Make sure you get guarantee on the products. These websites also offer information and buying guides that help you select the best jewelry and know how to buy diamonds for gifting. With the feel of diamond, you can express your feelings in the right way. Due to the value of Herkimer diamond, the crystal is widely used in engagement and wedding rings these days. Whether you want to make a promise of wedding, want to show your commitment, or shower your love on your beloved, get diamonds for gift.


Affordable Beauty Can Be Yours

diamonds3Do you have a beautiful crystal known as zerkimer Diamond? If not yet, it is the time to have it now. Often people misunderstand Herkimer diamonds as real diamonds, but they are not actually real diamonds. Herkimer diamonds are tiny double pointed clear crystals that are hard and beautiful like diamonds, but less expensive.

What are Herkimer Diamonds?

The Herkimer diamonds are believed to be created 300 million years ago when liquid seeped down the dolostone bedrock and formed 18 faceted, double terminated crystals in dolostone, which is lined with anthraxolite, a hydrocarbon. The Herkimer diamonds have more clarity than the ordinary rock crystals due to its high silica composition, which make it a valuable crystal that is used extensively in jewelry.

Where to find the Herkimer diamond quartz crystals

The best way to hunt for the Herkimer diamond is visiting the Herkimer County where the crystals are found in outcrops of dolomite. Many mines are open for the visitors where they can hire the tools and look for the highly prized Herkimer diamond quartz crystals; however, not everyone can do that. If you wish to have Herkimer diamond, you can look for it at Herkimer Diamond Quartz, an online store that offers Herkimer crystals as well as Herkimer diamond jewelry for the customers all over the world.

Properties of Herkimer diamonds

The reasons why Herkimer diamonds have become a craze these days is that they have beautiful natural facets like the real diamonds and holistic qualities that make these crystals sought after stones. Due to their holistic properties, the Herkimer diamonds are also known as spirit stones. They are believed to amplify the energy. To take the advantages of the holistic benefits of the crystal, you can wear Herkimer diamond ring or any other Herkimer diamond jewelry including pendants, earrings, necklaces, or bracelets. The crystal boosts clairvoyance and helps the wearer connect with the guardian angels. You can also wear the diamond to stay attuned with a loved one, even when he or she is staying away. By wearing Herkimer diamond, you can surely have a positive outlook on life; moreover, the double-terminated quartz crystal promotes prosperity. You can use the crystal in your office or workplace to clear electromagnetic pollution.

Because of their ability to attune people and improve relationships, a large number of couples nowadays prefer to exchange Herkimer diamond ring on their engagement or wedding. The Herkimer diamond value is less and more affordable as compared to the real diamonds; this also makes them a preferred purchase. You can have the same beauty, clarity, and elegance with Herkimer diamond at much lesser price. Handmade Herkimer diamond jewelry is in vogue and is easily available at our online store at Herkimer Diamond Quartz. From exquisitely designed earring to intricate Herkimer diamond ring, you can have every accessory to match with your dress. By wearing simple Herkimer diamond ring, you can enhance the appearance of your attire and create a style statement. Check out the latest range of Herkimer diamonds available today!

Your Lucky Gemstone based on Ascendant

Gemstone-Identification-CourseGemstones are in trend for their beauty, elegance, and charm. More and more people are realizing the value of gemstones all over the world and getting jewelry made in gemstones such as Herkimer diamonds. You must be thinking Herkimer diamond is a type of diamond. In fact, Herkimer diamond is a double terminated quartz crystal that is mined in Herkimer County, New York. The Herkimer diamond is widely used in fancy wedding rings these days because of their transparency, elegance and stylish look. The stones are less pricy but equally stunning when used in Herkimer diamond jewelry.

Like other gemstones, the Herkimer diamonds are important from astrological point of view. These crystals have impact on the emotions, health, fortune and mind. You can choose a stone based on Ascendant, which is known as your Rising Sign. It is the zodiac sign that was rising on the eastern horizon when you were born. Ascendant is abbreviated as ASC or AS. You can easily calculate your Ascendant sign by knowing the time of your birth. If your Ascendant falls near the beginning of the sign, the stronger the gemstone will have the effect on the individual. The Ascendant sign is not only specific to an individuals’ time of birth, but also the place of birth. It shows what conditioning and environment will affect the childhood and the adult life of the individual.

The Ascendant affects your personality and appearance besides affecting the physical characteristics. The sign expresses itself through the mannerism, style and image of the individual. It decides how you act. Like zodiac signs, the Rising Signs fall into different categories such as fire, earth, water and air. Stones influence these Rising signs and impact the life of the wearer. Herkimer diamond is used in engagement rings and wedding rings to influence the relationships and life of the wearer. Diamonds are the stones for Libra and Aquarius Ascendants. The Herkimer diamonds offer success in marital and love relations.

Herkimer diamond ring is a perfect gift on wedding or any other occasion. Like real diamond, the Herkimer diamonds have the same astrological effects on the wearer. The Herkimer diamond ring is believed to stimulate psychic ability including spiritual vision, telepathy and clairvoyance. It promotes dream recall and understanding. The Herkimer diamond jewelry helps people get attuned to each other. It helps the healers to attune to the patients. If the attuned people are separated, they remain linked with each other. These crystals clear electromagnetic pollution and block geopathic stress. The stones detoxify the body and boost the body’s natural mechanisms. They are believed to relieve various diseases such as insomnia, etc. Even people wear these crystals to correct metabolic imbalances and reduce stress and tension.

Herkimer diamond jewelry is available online. You can choose from a variety of designs in different metals. These stones make beautiful jewelry including pendants, rings, bracelets and earrings. Make sure you get the pieces from an online store that offers guarantee on quality and authenticity.

Does wearing a diamond really change your luck?


Diamond, a gemstone, is made of carbon and is known for its hardness and the light that it reflects. Due to its brilliance and hardness, it is extensively used in jewelry, which is expensive and used for making timeless as well as fancy wedding rings. Diamond like other gemstones is symbolic and often represents love and affection due to which, it is largely used in engagement or wedding rings. Astrologers all over the world believe that diamond has metaphysical properties and it has the capability to change the luck. Besides being beautiful, the diamond is considered a powerful stone that changes fortune of the wearer. It can make your luck bad or good. It is essential that you consult an astrologer before wearing diamond as it can have adverse effect on the relations as well as health.

Although Herkimer diamond is not as expensive as real diamonds; however, it is known to have similar properties. Herkimer diamonds are actually quartz crystals that are hard like diamond; therefore, they are used as a cheap alternative to the diamonds. People buy Herkimer diamond jewelry because of their beauty and elegance. If you want to enjoy your existence and connect to your higher self, then consider buying Herkimer diamond ring or pendent, as it helps you develop spiritually. Once you are spiritually enlightened, you experience happiness and contentment. One of crucial Herkimer diamond properties is that it helps you evolve spiritually and help you get rid of fear. When talking about the effect of Herkimer diamond on the luck and life, it is crucial to note that to be effective, you have to use a single large stone instead of using so many small stones in the ring or pendent. Herkimer diamond ring and pendent made of a single large Herkimer diamond crystal can help you have a better luck.
Herkimer diamonds make you feel more confident about yourself and be optimistic. It reduces the stress and allows you to avoid dangerous situations. You can improve your performance and be motivated. Herkimer diamonds are mined in Herkimer County in New York. They are clear and transparent crystals, which make them attractive option for jewelry. Herkimer diamonds are inexpensive and easily available. Unlike diamonds, Herkimer diamonds do not need to be polished to shine. They are naturally shiny and clear. This is the reason they are used in Herkimer diamond engagement rings.
Herkimer diamond is associated with planet Venus and zodiac sign Libra. Popularly known as Stone of attunement, it helps in helping one attune to the environment, a situation or any other thing. It helps in balancing the mental, physical and emotional levels. The wearer of Herkimer diamond ring feels less stress and enjoys more peace of mind. They enhance the vision and clarity of dreams. It offers cheerfulness to sad people and deflects negative energy.
You can easily buy Herkimer diamond jewelry online these days. The stores offer innovative designs that you can wear in routine. You can get beautiful Herkimer diamond jewelry from Quartz Herkimer Diamond.

Are Herkimer Diamonds Real Diamonds, so that People Can Buy It

diamondsAlthough Herkimer diamonds are popular, still many people are skeptical to buy them and compare them with the real diamonds. A question that often clouds the minds of jewelry buyers is whether the Herkimer diamonds are real diamonds or are not.
Herkimer diamonds are not diamonds but they are valuable and a cheap alternative to real diamonds that are quite pricy. The name ‘Herkimer diamonds often mislead the jewelry enthusiasts. Herkimer diamond is double-terminated quartz crystal, which is mined from Herkimer area in New York. The crystal is naturally faceted and its remarkable character that makes it comparable to the real diamonds is its clarity. Due to its high clarity, the Herkimer diamond attracts attention of jewelry enthusiasts who like to have inexpensive diamond jewelry.
Herkimer diamond quartz is quite hard and rate 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Because of its hardness, it can be easily designed into different shapes and sizes. The crystals have usually a shape that looks like a diamond. It has 18 facets and two terminators or points.
The Herkimer diamond value lies in its metaphysical properties because of which, it is used for healing purposes. The value of the Herkimer diamond quartz depends upon its source. The stone is available in United States, Tanzania, Mexico and Spain.

How to differentiate real diamond from Herkimer diamond quartz
1. Real diamonds are the hardest known substance on the Earth. They have hardness of 10 Mohs scale whereas; Herkimer diamond is comparatively harder at 7.5 Mohs.
2. There is difference in the composition as well. The diamonds are made of carbon and the Herkimer diamond crystal consists of silicon dioxide.
3. Herkimer diamonds are clear crystals and are white or colorless because they have no inclusions. On the other hand, the diamonds come in an array of colors due to inclusions.
Due to its metaphysical properties, the Herkimer diamond quartz is called the Stone of Attunement, which stimulates psychic abilities. You can wear a Herkimer diamond ring for meditation purpose. It increases responsiveness and enhances inner vision. Many people like to wear Herkimer diamond necklace or ring to release the energy blockages. Herkimer diamond helps in reducing stress and tension. The stone is effective for creative people as it flares imagination and creativity. The quartz crystal helps in dream recall and resolves communication problems in a love affair. It further amplifies the energies of another crystal that is placed with it.
Due to Herkimer diamond value, people buy Herkimer diamond rings for their weddings and engagements. It balances the body, emotions and relationships thus, making the life fulfilling. It detoxifies the body and boosts the immune system; therefore, it is useful in treating various ailments and health issues. Unlike real diamonds, the Herkimer diamond necklace or rings do not need much care and they can be worn in routine.
Beautiful Herkimer diamond jewelry is available online. You can get your Herkimer diamond ring customized to meet your specific needs. To check out a variety of Herkimer diamond necklace, rings, pendants and earrings, visit Herkimer Diamond Quartz, a manufacturer and supplier of Herkimer diamond jewelry. They offer free worldwide delivery and excellent customer services.