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Steamy, Sexy Herkimer Stones: Crystal Grids for Love & Romance


Have you ever thought of buying sparkling double terminated quartz crystals? If not, then you should buy now, especially if you are thinking of buying it for someone special. Herkimer diamonds are exclusive diamonds that are mined in Herkimer County in New York. These crystals are found in small to quite large sizes and you can buy single crystals or stunning cluster configurations. You will be stunned by the clarity and the dazzle of the stone, which is no less than a real diamond.


You can buy exclusive Herkimer diamond jewelry that exudes brilliance and dazzling happiness. People often carry a Herkimer diamond quartz crystal in their pocket or bag to have that extra boost of energy. You can even sleep while keeping Herkimer crystal and stones for healing under your pillow. This will help you remember your dreams. The stone is believed to dissolve tension or congestion in the body. The Herkimer quartz crystals are known as the attunement stone because it is used to attune one with another person, activity, or environment.  Besides helping in relationships, the Herkimer diamonds help you adjust well in any new environment or a new job. It stimulates the body’s detoxification systems and releasing stress. The Herkimer crystals are effective in releasing the blocked energies, especially if you are having trouble in love and romance, or affecting your other relationships. The Herkimer diamond enhances or amplifies the energy of any surrounding or proximal crystals.

The Herkimer crystals have the ability to raise the human energy levels or convert one form of energy into another. The healers often use these crystal and stones for healing because the crystals promote creativity, spiritual vision, and understanding. Many people use these stones for past life recalls of injuries and diseases that still have an effect on the present life. Transformation and gentle release of energy makes the soul move forward. It is also believed to clear electromagnetic pollution or radioactivity. People often get Herkimer diamond jewelry with other gemstones, as the crystal has the ability to magnify the stone’s vibration and power. It improves eyesight, vision, sleep, and alleviates tiredness. People have found that they have found improvement in their relationship or they were able to form new friends, romantic relationships when they started wearing Herkimer diamond. In the absence of harmony and peace in relationships, people tend to separate or lose the desire to connect.

Herkimer diamond grids and wraps are used for obtaining emotional and physical balances. You can wear Herkimer diamond jewelry to open your heart, let go your fears by using powerful crystal grids that have Herkimer diamond in the center or interspersed smaller Herkimer crystals. You can get beautiful jewelry in Herkimer diamonds from online stores such as Herkimer diamond Quartz. The company offers a huge variety of pendants, rings, earrings, and bracelets that you can match with any dress. You can take benefits of the metaphysical properties of the quartz crystal and strengthen your love and romance relations. These crystal and stones for healing are bound to fill your life with happiness and love.


How Herkimer Diamond Jewelry Can Change the Life of Women?


It is found that women have special inclination towards quartz crystal jewelry because of the amazing properties of the crystals. Herkimer diamond is a double-terminated quartz crystal that is beautifully used in jewelry and appeals men and women. People prefer quartz crystal jewelry because of the healing properties of the crystals. The Herkimer diamond quartz is believed to cleanse the body and reduces stress. It has positive effect on the body. People often appreciate the metaphysical properties of the crystals. It balances and purifies energy within any body; this is the reason that Herkimer diamond jewelry has become a rage among women of all ages.

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Women prefer the Herkimer diamonds because they act as powerful amplifiers that enhance the inner vision and bring change in their life. The Herkimer diamond is considered a dream crystal as it can change the life of the woman who wears it. Women like to wear Herkimer diamond ring and pendants, which are also a great gift. An array of online jewelry stores offer Herkimer diamond jewelry, which is simple and elegant. The diamond jewelry is available in different shapes, sizes and designs, which are loved by women. Herkimer diamond value is less than real diamonds, so this is a great alternative. Besides being affordable, Herkimer diamond jewelry adds a class and luxury to an outfit.

When you wear a Herkimer diamond ring and pendant, you need not wear any other accessories, as the jewelry perfectly complements any attire. The Herkimer diamond makes a timeless jewelry that women like to possess. The quartz crystal is as brilliant as diamond and it is the best alternatives to a diamond. The Herkimer diamond quartz come in a variety of gorgeous, clear colors and have a dazzling effect on the wearer. They certainly add an aura of youthfulness and daring to the elegant looks. Considered as source of power and energy, the quartz crystal is widely used to make rings, pendants, and bracelets, which are regularly worn by the women all over the world.

Herkimer diamond stimulates positive thoughts and feelings. This positivity of the crystal makes the life more productive and happy. Besides helping with detoxification, the Herkimer diamond also helps by developing psychic abilities, dream recall, relaxing, spiritual vision and recalling the past life. Often people keep the diamond in their bathtub and take bath with the water. They even place the Herkimer diamond under their pillow while sleeping as it promotes dreaming. The diamonds seem small, but they are really powerful transmitters. They deepen the meditation experience and increase the sense of conscious awareness. They are believed to increase telepathy between two connected people. To take the maximum advantage of the quartz crystal, you need to open up to its many qualities.

Herkimer Diamond Quartz is your destination, if you want to buy genuine Herkimer diamond jewelry online. You can easily search for the exclusive diamond pendants, earrings, rings, and bracelets that you would like to wear with most of your dresses. Let the Herkimer diamond bring the desired change in your life.

Beautiful Herkimer Diamond Earrings That Change The Look of The Women


Are you looking for a gifting idea for your wife? Do you want to gift a piece of jewelry? If yes, then why do not you buy her a pair of beautiful diamond earring? Earrings, especially diamond earrings are an integral part of a woman’s ornaments. This type of jewelry is casually worn by women of all ages. Every woman wants to have a beautiful collection of diamond earrings that she can match with all types of dresses. Women invest in an array of diamond earrings to step out elegantly and gain self-confidence. Diamond is quite expensive, so the craze for Herkimer diamond earrings is on the rise. Herkimer diamonds are quartz crystals that look as magnificent as real diamond but cost less.


The Herkimer diamond jewelry looks exquisite and offers a unique style that women like to possess. It offers a matchless personality to wearer who can wear beautiful diamond earrings with any wardrobe such as dresses, pantsuits, jeans, etc.  Because of its stunning look, the Herkimer diamond is the best alternative to the diamond and is used so much in creating unique jewelry items that can be worn without any guilt during routine life. If you want to gift something special to the beloved woman in your life, you can consider buying blue diamond earrings, which she will cherish forever due to its dazzling, vivacity. You can gift the earrings on any occasion be it anniversary, birthday, valentine’s, or any other special day.

You will be astonished to find a huge variety of Herkimer diamond earrings online. The earrings are available in a variety of shapes and sizes. You can buy hoop earrings, studs, and other styles of earrings. The brilliance and shine of the blue diamond earrings can mesmerize your beloved and make her feel special and loved. The Herkimer diamond jewelry comes in a variety of metal settings including sterling silver, gold, platinum, etc. Women also love to collect lightweight, handmade Herkimer diamond jewelry that comes at affordable prices. Many online stores offer beautiful diamond earrings with one year guarantee and offer to deliver beautiful handmade pieces anywhere in the world. Most often people like to buy Herkimer diamond earrings in sterling silver or gold because of their resistance to tarnish and high durability. They are even less expensive than platinum; However some people prefer the diamond earrings in platinum because of its grace and positivity. It does not cause any allergies.

By buying Herkimer diamond earrings for your woman, you not only offer her a beautiful piece to cherish, but also make her derive some of the best properties of the Herkimer diamond, which is believed to have physical, emotional and spiritual effects on the wearer. You can get the best collection of Herkimer diamond earrings from Herkimer Diamonds Quartz, which specializes in designing and providing some of the finest Herkimer diamond jewelry. You will love their beaded earrings in sterling silver, which match with almost any dress and occasion. The store offers to deliver quality Herkimer diamonds anywhere in the world. The online store offers beautiful collection of earrings, pendants, rings, and necklaces that you can simply order while sitting at home. Check out the latest collection and add the selected pieces to your cart today.

Popular Herkimer Diamond Necklaces That Women Love To Wear


Have you ever seen a woman who does not desire for diamonds? Your answer is most probably no. Women always love to wear diamonds, and they always look for beautiful diamond jewelry that they can flaunt around and impress others. If you want to gift diamonds to your beloved but price is the issue, then consider buying Herkimer diamond jewelry for her. The Herkimer diamond is not actually diamond, but they are beautiful. Herkimer diamond is a six-sided quartz crystal that is mostly found in the Herkimer County region of New York. Women love to have collections of these sparkling quartz crystals.


The transparent Herkimer quartz crystals are powerful and being doubly terminated, these crystals transmit their own energy and receive spiritual energy, which they further amplify. The diamonds are used in earrings, necklaces, rings, and pendants to create beautiful pieces. Besides being aesthetically beautiful, the Herkimer diamond jewelry is also special because of its numerous benefits to the wearer. This gives you more reasons to buy amazing Herkimer diamond necklace for your special woman. Here are some of the benefits of Herkimer diamond.

The Herkimer diamond has medicinal value, as it relieves pain in just a few minutes. It also removes toxins from the body that accumulate due to poor lifestyle. It also has emotional healing properties. Stress is the biggest problem that people are facing these days. The Herkimer promotes happiness and contentment in life. The crystal clears bottled up emotions. It makes the spiritual energy flow freely. It is believed to grow and improve the relationships with the partner. It is believed that the herkimers help in releasing the perceptive powers in a natural and harmless way. The crystal cleanses mind and soul and relaxes the wearer. All these properties make Herkimer diamond necklaces and pendants even more desirable.

You can easily buy Herkimer diamond jewelry online these days, as stores like Herkimer Diamond Quartz are committed to providing an irresistible collection of quartz crystal jewelry in affordable ranges. You can order online and please your partner with stunningly beautiful necklaces. They offer the best items, which are worth collecting. You will be amazed at the perfect double terminated Herkimer diamonds, which are professionally strung on a durable and strong chain. To make the Herkimer diamonds fit perfectly against your neckline, all the diamonds beaded together with glass spacers. You cannot miss the beautifully detailed 925 sterling silver rose clip. All the diamonds are hand selected to create beautiful items, which are popular among women. These Herkimer diamond necklaces by Herkimer Diamond Quartz are available in 16-20 inch lengths. You can choose the length while buying the necklaces. The company guarantees the quality and follows a reliable return policy. They strive to offer the best customer services so you can buy your Herkimer diamond necklace without any hesitation and trouble. They keep on updating their inventory so often that you will find the latest variety every time you visit the website. Buy unmatchable designs to make your partner the happiest woman.

Check Out What Your Herkimer diamond Ring Means in Different Fingers


Most of the people like to adorn their fingers with beautifully crafted diamond or birthstone rings irrespective of their culture, religion, country, and sex. If you are one of those who like to flaunt exclusive Herkimer diamond jewelry, especially ring, then it is important for you to know that every finger has its own importance. A ring in different fingers mean differently for the wearer. It is symbolic all over the world and people follow it accordingly. Like Herkimer diamond earrings, bracelets, and pendants the rings are also quite popular especially among women who have fetish for diamond rings. Most of the time women wear rings as an accessory and wear them in different fingers depending upon how the ring looks or what the size of the ring is. However, there is different significance of having a ring on different fingers. Here, this blog discusses what a ring in different fingers symbolizes or means.

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Ring in thumb: It is not too common to see people wearing Herkimer diamond ring in the thumb, but some of the men and women wear it so. The thumb symbolizes willpower and a person who is wearing ring in thumb is considered independent. It is believed that the thumb is connected to the inner self of an individual. If you want to boost your willpower then you can wear the ring in thumb.

Index finger: The individuals who prefer to wear the ring in index finger must know that the finger symbolizes leadership, ambition, and authority. As it symbolizes power, so often the kings in the ancient period used to wear rings in the index fingers. Having a beautiful Herkimer diamond ring on index finger can make you focused in a particular direction. Besides diamonds, you can have amethyst or blue topaz in your ring, if these stones suit you.

Middle finger: A ring in middle finger is believed to bring balance in life. It represents individuality of a person and offers a purpose for living. The ring in this finger helps a person have better judgment of right and wrong.

Ring finger: It is considered that the finger of the left hand is directly linked to the heart; therefore, the engagement or wedding ring is worn in this finger to have successful, loving relationships. A ring in the ring finger symbolizes emotions and creativity. People even wear Herkimer diamond ring in the ring finger of the right hand, as it is believed that the wearer thinks optimistically.

Little finger: The little finger is associated with the planet Mercury and it is considered to represent relationships. The little finger shows what is a person’s attitude is towards others and what he or she thinks of the relationships. Wearing a ring in little finger surely improve the personal as well as the business relationships of the wearer. It changes the individual’s perception of different relationships. People often wear Herkimer diamonds, citrine or amber in the little finger to have fulfilling relationships.

A ring in the right hand boosts logical thinking, as the left side of the brain controls it and the ring in left hand enhances creativity in the individual, as it is linked to the right side of the brain, which controls creativity. For the best quality Herkimer diamond jewelry, you can trust Herkimer Diamonds Quartz Crystals, a reputed online store.