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Reputation of Herkimer Diamonds in the Market

Herkimer diamonds have carved a niche for themselves in the market. These diamonds are not real diamonds. They are quartz crystals that have 18 facets like real diamonds and they are found in Herkimer County, New York. This is from where they got this name. Like diamonds, Herkimer stones shine brightly and this makes them popular as jewelry stones. People like to wear Herkimer diamonds rings, pendants, necklaces, and various other forms of jewelry. This doubly terminated quartz crystal is one of the most expensive crystals and gemstones that are used in jewelry making and for healing purposes. Along with Herkimer County, the stones are also found in certain other locations such as Arizona, Ukraine, China, Norway, and Afghanistan.


Crystals and gemstones jewelries are in rage these days. They are not only a style statement, but also add color to any attire. Whether you are dressing up formally or casually, these jewelry items complements all types of dresses. People like mining stones and often mine Herkimer stones. They separate these sparkling gems from the dust and dirt using different techniques. They often look for places where to sell diamonds. Most often the jewelry designers, jewelry stores, and artisans like to buy these stones to create interesting jewelry pieces such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, and rings. Even people like to buy their engagement or wedding rings in Herkimer diamonds because of the brilliance, clarity, and sparkle offered by these diamonds. Herkimer diamonds rings look beautiful and these rings can be crafted in gold as well as sterling silver. The jewelry in sterling silver is quite popular because of its affordability. Many online stores offer diamonds rings for sale. You can check their galleries to find the design that suits your taste and preference. Being hard the stone can be easily set in any shape and jewelry. Moreover, it can be worn on daily basis as it easily bears the regular wear and tear. The Herkimer stone can be easily cleaned and this makes it shine forever.

Herkimer diamonds are available in stunningly beautiful designs. The designers are highly fascinated by the quartz stone and use their creativity to make highly inspiring pieces. Because of its hardness, which is a little less than diamond, clarity, and brilliance, it is an inexpensive version of real diamonds. If you are wondering how to sell diamonds, then you must understand that you can sell loose Herkimer quartz to jewelry designers or jewelers who can use these stones in gemstone jewelry that is used for meditation or healing purposes. The crystal quartz is also known as Stone of Attunement and it stimulates psychic abilities. People often keep this diamond onto a headband to increase responsiveness while meditation. People wear the stone to release energy blockages and reduce stress. The stone enhances the ability to communicate and increases creative thinking as well as imagination. The stone balances the body and emotions and thus, it needs to be used with care. The quartz detoxifies the body, removes all toxins, and boosts the immune system. Whatever the reason, wearing Herkimer diamonds jewelry will always benefit you.