Top 10 reasons to buy Herkimer Diamonds

Herkimer diamonds basically went in recognition after workmen made a discovery of them in large quantities while crossing into the Mohawk River Valley dolostone in the late 18th century. Geologists then made a discovery of exposed dolostone in Herkimer County and began the mining process there. The fame of mining for double-ended quartz in the Herkimer County outcroppings is what gave it its name, Herkimer diamonds. Presently, Herkimer diamonds can are available in very large quantity in at least Herkimer, Fulton, and Montgomery counties and double-edged quartz crystals have also been found plentifully in Tibet and Afghanistan, and on top of that in other diverse countries.


-The reason one would buy Herkimer Diamonds would definitely be its availability. How close one is from a jewelry store would dictate why they would buy them. But due to the advancement of technology globally, this need not be a reason. Buying diamonds online is now very easy and on top of that they can be shipped to any location globally however hoe remote the place is.

– Healing can also be a good reason for buying these gemstones. Herkimer Diamonds are known to have healing powers for those who hold the belief hence; if one needs to tap these powers then they may need to buy them.

– Religious purpose can also be a very vital reason for purchasing Herkimer Diamonds, for many years, these stones have been adorned by religious people for assistance in meditation and making them closer to their gods.

– Fashion reasons may be also a very good reason to have the stones. The Herkimer Diamonds are very trendy and appealing to all sexes and ages. They fit well in various occasions that may require a good appearance. These gemstones have been for ages been a sign of highly fashionable people.

– The value of Herkimer Diamonds gemstones is above board. You can buy them for your collection and sell them at a higher price in the future.

-Another reason for buying Herkimer Diamonds can be for use as a present either for a child that is born or the one that hasn’t been born yet. For the first reason, Herkimer Diamonds are widely used as birthstones. And for the second reason, they are held as a symbol of longevity and fertility.

– These Herkimer Diamonds can be acquired due to the power they hold within them. These stones have been known for long to be very powerful and offer the adorner confidence that they have never experienced before. This is especially necessary for the functions or occasions that might call for this.

– To lift up once personality. The Herkimer Diamonds have been known to attract positive powers that may greatly come in handy as far as one personality is concerned.

– As a charm- This reason has been applied by many when buying Herkimer Diamonds. The gemstone has in it a special powerful charm that attracts people of the opposite sex to someone.

– For protection reasons; Herkimer Diamonds have been known to wade off evil spirits and bring up good luck in people.


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