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What are Herkimer Diamonds?


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You have heard of diamonds, but have you ever heard of Herkimer diamonds? Simply put, Herkimer diamonds refer to double-terminated quartz crystals originally discovered in Herkimer County and several other areas in the United States. Contrary to popular belief, Herkimer diamonds are one hundred percent natural and like diamonds, boast breathtaking clarify and beauty.

Herkimer diamonds became well known to gemologists upon their discovery by miners in the late 18th century. The discovery of this precious mineral in Herkimer County led to the birth of the gem’s name. Today, Herkimer diamonds can be found in several other surrounding areas. Like diamonds, geologists have theorized that Herkimer diamonds were formed over a long period of time. These crystals are mined from small cavities in special rock formations known as pockets. These pockets have been recorded to measure between a few millimeters to no more than a few feet in diameter.

Although conventional diamonds and Herkimer diamonds look similar, the main difference lies within the formation process and genetic make up of the stones. One of the main distinctions between a diamond and a Herkimer diamond is the hardness level. Diamonds are the hardest gemstones found on Earth, with a hardness of 10 on the Mohs scale. Herkimer diamonds trail behind with a level of 7.5 on the same scale. Additionally, Herkimer diamonds have been known to naturally form facets whereas conventional diamonds are found in a rough form and need cutting and polishing to bring out its brilliance.

Herkimer diamonds are also said to be even rarer than conventional diamonds as they are mined in only a handful of places. The fact that Herkimer diamonds are so hard to come across has propelled the gem to one of the top rungs within the jewelry industry. Additionally, the rarity and brilliance of Herkimer diamonds have sealed its fate as a must-have item on every mineral collector’s and jewelry aficionado’s wish list.

Because of the gem’s beauty, several belief systems have ascribed holistic and mystical properties to them. Wiccans and New Age theorists believe that Herkimer diamonds contain magical doses of spiritual properties that are believed to bring good luck, fortune, and spiritual energy to those who are in close proximity with the gem. Herkimer diamonds are also used as a calming tool in meditation, dream work, and special spiritual gatherings, proving that the gem is not only externally beautiful, but internally powerful as well.

Unlike conventional diamonds that have a fixed grading system, Herkimer diamonds do not have a standardized grade hence many dealers have established their own form of assessing the gem’s worth. One of the best ways to determine if one is purchasing an authentic Herkimer diamond is to head to a reputable dealer such as us. Factors such as facets, internal crystal formation, brilliance, and flawlessness account for the pricing of Herkimer diamonds.
At the end of the day, Herkimer diamonds are beautiful both inside and out. Whether one intends to use it for its holistic benefits, or simply as a beautiful addition to one’s life, there is no denying that Herkimer diamonds are to be appreciated and loved.

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