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5 Things About Herkimer Diamonds You May Not Know

In addition to making delightful gemstones in the form of pendants, rings, necklaces and earrings to brighten up your life all day and night long, Herkimers may also have mystical healing properties that kick in when you put them on. You could save a fortune tuning into nature’s secrets, while at the same owning a highly sought after Herkimer Diamond.

1. Medicinal Properties – Herkimer users report that simply placing the gemstone on the affected area, can help relieve pain in just a few minutes. They also wear them to help their bodies excrete harmful toxins that accumulate because of western lifestyles. Researchers have reported that these poisonous substances can be harmful to health in many ways.

2. Emotional Healing – Our modern lifestyle also introduces us to a lifetime of stress, in which ambition rules and we are always on the hunt for more. Some people believe that this is not the way that things ought to be, and that they will live longer, happier and healthier lives, when they accept that they already have most of the things they need. Some claim that water-induced Herkimer Diamonds not only add glitter to their lives, but that they could also help clear their minds of the unconscious cares and bottled-up emotions, that prevent them from becoming their true selves.

3. Opening Channels – Since the dawn of time, poets, prophets, priests and philosophers have searched for ways to achieve free flowing spiritual energy. Placing a Herkimer at the top of your head, on your brow, or over your heart, may enhance your responses to the world around you, increase your awareness of it, and grow a loving relationship with your partner. These ancient Chakra principles are nothing new. Hindu savants and Tibetan monks have known about them for over 3,500 years and still believe in them.

4. Spiritual Repose – We comprise three essential elements. These are the bodies that we live in that can be polluted by toxins, our minds that may be filled with seething emotions, and our spirits that could represent our higher selves. Call them what you want. Many wearers are convinced that Herkimers help release their perceptive powers naturally and harmlessly, and release them to transcend to higher spiritual dimensions.

5. Powers of Mediation – It is through reflection that we reach our most important decisions. What is our purpose and how shall we achieve it. What job offer to accept, and which partner to propose to. These things are vitally important, for they can make or break our happiness. People all around the world are convicted of the fact that wearing a Herkimer Diamond is instrumental in clearing mind and body, relaxing totally and optimizing energy.

Whether you choose to believe these things or not, Herkimer Diamonds do have an air of mystery about them and a sense of having travelled far. If you would like to know how affordable these remarkable glittering gemstones are check out our products.